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Question .... MIDI mobilizer won't work ... need help
by marlenedegrood on 2010-10-31 09:35:58.0530

I have 2 USB keyboards each with a midi output DIN.  In the past I have only used them with the USB to my mac.  I bought the MIDI mobilizer to be able to use my small M-Audio Keystudio 25 with NLog Synth and other apps (as they become available).  My problem seems to be in my ignorance as I thought I could use the MIDI mobilizer with this keyboard but it's not working.  I have the keyboard plugged into external power and the MIDI mobilizer into the iPhone with the DIN cable coming out of the keyboard and into the midi mobilizer .... with NLog running I cannot get any sound from the Keystudio keyboard to play through NLog.  I tried another keyboard with the same problem.  The instructions that come with the MIDI mobilizer are for using the memo recorder app which uses an input and an output .... again .... my ignorance because I didn't realize that midi keyboards had more than just the midi output except on the pro models.  Could someone please advise me as to what I may be doing wrong or what I need to make it work.

Thank You!

Re: Question .... MIDI mobilizer won't work ... need help
by marlenedegrood on 2010-11-02 05:57:04.1490

Just in case anyone else runs into this problem .... I did figure it out.  I always wondered what the "advanced function" was for on my M-Audio keyboard. Sure enough .... seems you have to let the keyboard know that you're using the midi out port .... MIDI Mobilizer works great when the keyboard knows what you're doing.  I'm using it with NLog but it seems everyday more and more of my favorite apps are supporting MIDI Mobilizer ..... thanks!

Maybe someday I can justify getting something like a Korg Micro X but for the time being this little compact M-Audio keyboard is fine and now I'm free of the computer!

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