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Amp up the sound
by shabbar3 on 2010-11-11 06:05:18.2700

Hey guys im fairly new to these boards and have a couple of questions. First of all , i own a POD XT Live guitar pedal for my home studio. I own a Epiphone SG 400, and i run that through my Toneport UX2. I was wondering how i can amplify the quality of the sound of my guitar, in terrms of making it sound professional. I watch this guys video on youtube that has the POD XT Live, same guitar, yet he acheives a higher quality of distortion. I know that he owns a PreSonus tube preamp. And i asked if he used that which he doesnt, so i am trying to figure out how he can get that sound and i cant. P.S. i use project my POD XT live sound through the stereo output i dunno if that makes a difference.


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