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POD HD500 Edit bugs?
by guitars69 on 2010-11-12 22:11:13.9590

Hola!  Spent about 5 hours today "copying" tones from my X3L to my HD500 so I can start using it for practice and ran into something that might be a bug.

Make a single amp tone

Add a delay

Set the delay time at 1/4 note

Play and be sure it's responding to that time setting.

Now, add another amp.

Listen and the delay seems to switch to 1/8th or something.  I have to go back into the delay and change it then switch it back to 1/4 inch.  This happened a number of times so I got used to it but I figured I'd bring it up.

I also noticed that trying to save tones to the HD500 when editing the tones with the left "Set List" that I could save the tone to the HD with the Send options up top, but when I press on a footswitch it would load the original tone, not the new one.  If I load tones and copy from the page for the "set lists" button on the right and don't bother with the list on the far left, then things seem to work fine.  Not sure if my pod was just getting out of sync or what but I had a lot of trouble until I quit using the set list menu on the left.  .

Anyone else seeing stuff like that?

Re: POD HD500 Edit bugs?
by MickSlick on 2010-11-12 23:36:22.5990

Hey, I brought up the delay bug a while back too, in my case I would set it to dotted 8, then tap in a time I wanted to save as a permanent starting point for the patch, on more than one occassion when I go back to the patch the delay is quite a ways off from what was saved and what is shown on the effect.  To remedy, I usually have to delete the delay effect while in edit add it back in, retap and resave, then it would save correctly.  So, there is clearly a bug, I'm sure it will be fixed via future firmware updates.

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