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TonePort KB37 - 1) Occasionally I get error during GearBox startup: "Code 80000006 could not create a thread", 2) Problems with co-operation with "USB Audio CODEC" driver
by nmyszak on 2010-11-13 10:47:15.6640


I have iMAC with OX.X Snow Leopard with the all required updates. I have Gearbox 3.72 and Monkey 1,34 with the newest drivers 5.1.2

Please let me help me find the appropriate solutions for listed below problems:

1) Error during GearBox startup

When I start Gearbox than usualy I get error "Code 80000006) Could not create a thread."  I have to quite and start Gearbox once again.

After one or two attemps Gearbox stars without problem. I haven't such problem before driver update (previously I had 4.7.1).

2) TonePort KB37 driver problem

Because TonePort KB37 has limitation to work with only one guitar and one mic (depends on the settings in Gearbox) I tried to find out solution which would allow me record the songs played by my small band.

I have purchased Alesis Multimix 8 USB where I plug-in two microphoes and two more guitars. I use TonePort KB37 as well where I plug-in one guitar and one microphone.

I connect cables from TonePort KB37 monitors into Alesis Multmix Line IN. After that I connect Alesis to the monitors.

Alesis Multimix 8 USB doesn't have dedicated drivers as it use standard "USB Audio CODEC".

In GarageBand I set preferences in the following way:

Input Device - "USB Audio CODEC"

Output Device - ""TonePort KB37"

I use above settings because I want to record guitar and microphone connected to KB37 but also guitars and microphones connected to Alesis Multimix.

When I start GarageBand I can hear some unpleasent noice. Additionally sometimes it appears that I can't hear properly (actually I hear but not in good quality) guitar, microphone and keyboard instrumet from KB37.

However sometimes I can hear that it plays properly, so I don't understand what is the reason of such unstability. I assume this is becuase some proble with TonePort KB37 driver which can somehow be incompatible with USB Audio CODED driver or etc.

Actually the same problem is when I use other recording software eg. Audacity, so it is not GarageBand problem.

When I use TonePort KB37 by itself without Alesis Multimix and USB Audio CODEC driver and then it works fine. However then I can't record the other instruments and voices of my coleagues.

Could you please let me know what I am doing wrong ? From the logical point of view it should works perfectly, so I am disapointed it is not working.

RE: TonePort KB37 - 1) Occasionally I get error during GearBox startup: "Code 80000006 could not create a thread", 2) Problems with co-operation with "USB Audio CODEC" driver
by ricksox on 2010-11-18 14:15:17.6010


In regards to your first issue; that's a known bug and we have logged that for our software engineers. Gearbox will on occasion throw that error but as you said, after relaunching it a couple of times it will eventually open up and work. I have no knowledge in regards to whether are software team plans to release a new version of Gearbox any time soon but if this error is severely interrupting your workflow I'd suggest downloading and using POD Farm 1.12 from our software downloads page:

Your other issue sounds like a ground loop problem which can be difficult to troubleshoot.

The first thing you should check is that you are connecting the KB37 to the mixer with nice shielded cables.

Also, please keep in mind that your setup is a bit unorthodox so you may not find a resolution for this.

One thing that I really think would resolve your issue (which I feel is more about you not having enough inputs to record all of you instruments as opposed to just noise), is to look for another USB audio interface that doesn't run on a generic USB audio codec driver.

Get something that has manufacturer developed drivers. If you do that, you can use that interface as your main interface into your recording application and use the KB37 as an aggregate device with POD Farm (I suggest using POD Farm instead of Gearbox because it is newer and better maintained.)


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