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Volume Changes when i switch presets/channels???
by BlisterExists94 on 2010-11-14 16:48:59.6190

I own a Spider IV 120 and i will be playing with the channel and master volumes around 3 and it is pleasant to listen to, but when i change artist presets it almost bursts my ears off! the knobs are still at 3 and i have to turn them all the way down and back up to 3 and then it is fine. I tried the factory reset and it still does it. Ideas?


Re: Volume Changes when i switch presets/channels???
by citrix on 2010-11-15 04:43:02.8520

Ouch, yes it is normal as the setting especially by the artists, as 'they' the artists set them. I don't think line 6 would have equalised them against a mean value.

A suggestion made to me when I raised this, was to lower the volume (not the master) and save it where the parameters of the amp allow you to. I'd advise checking in the advanced manual on how to do that.

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