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Posted some new Pod Farm patches
by GuitarG on 2010-11-20 09:26:08.3260

I posted a series of Pod Farm patches that I've been working with. My approach for this series was to get as close to the natural tone of the amp, whether cranked or clean, without a lot of pre or post amp effects. For the most part, I wasn't trying to emulate a specific guitarist or song's tone, but just get the best tone out of each amp/cab model based on my experiences playing the actual amps.

With the exception of reverb most of the effects written into the patches are bypassed. I wanted to start off with the basic amp sound then give users an option of adding an overdrive or delay if desired.

A lot of the patches were programmed using a Tele or a P90 equiped guitar. If you're using a humbucker you may want to reduce the gain a hair and lower the bass until it tightens up.

Go to the Pod Farm section of Custom Tone and do a search for GuitarG. Try out the patches and give me a yell telling me what you think.

There's even an Eden Bass patch at

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