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Filter Pro stopped working. Please help!
by PsyLoFi on 2010-11-21 10:03:31.8470


My Filter Pro have stopped working. I've been tweaking it with midi controller and suddenly it stopped responding to commands.

I've tried to turn it off, but it didn't react on power button (lights were still on).

I've removed the power cord and tried to power it up again - with no result.

Please tell if there a way to reset it somehow? I've been reading here;jsessionid=91D999F83F27C3605BFCBC04AB193F0B that FM4 can be reset in such situation.

This unit is at heart of my production and it's crucial for me to bring it back to life. I know that these units are not supported anymore, but please, answer.

There are no official line 6 service centers in my area so you are my only hope.

Also, is there a way to re-program firmware in case if reset doesn't work?

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