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Pod X3 Pro as a sync slave over S/PDIF
by jahra on 2010-11-23 00:37:09.7900

Sorry for my persistence, but I really need to crack it.

Now, I want to sync slave my X3 Pro to the M-Audio ProjectMix I/O (PMI/O) clock.

So I connect coaxial spdif on the X3 to the coaxial spdif on PMI/O, and correctly so, for the signal is coming through.

I set the sample rate on my PMI/O to 48000 (also tried 44100, both settings supported by both devices according to the specs), and I set the digital port to 'spdif' mode, and sync to "Internal - digital inputs unmuted". I have checked with the M-Audio tech support, these are correct settings for the PMI/O to bу the clock master over coaxial spdif, and the PMI/O does send the sync clock signal over this interface.

I then set the digital output to "Match studio/Direct", sample rate to "Match digital in", and the interface type to "s/pdif" on PMI/O.

The sync is not there. The signal does come through, but it's filled with repeating (rhythmic) cracks and pops, and this red 'CLIP' led (the one right below the 'OUTPUTS' button) flashes periodically, like 'double flash - pause - double flash - pause...', so it's not really a clipping signal, but more like some information, and I read it as 'sync is not linked'.

What do I do wrong? Or, rather, what should I do to achieve sync in this case?

Really looking forward for an answer,



Re: Pod X3 Pro as a sync slave over S/PDIF
by jahra on 2010-11-25 00:55:06.1690

Oh, come on! Somebody!

Shouldn't be that hard to answer my question! Are there any systems engineers there than know how the thing works?

Still waiting for an answer...

Re: Pod X3 Pro as a sync slave over S/PDIF
by tubealot on 2010-11-25 06:36:46.7630

The X3L does can not work as a sync slave. It can only act as a sync master.

Re: Pod X3 Pro as a sync slave over S/PDIF
by jahra on 2010-11-25 07:20:29.6890

Pity for X3L users. Please read my question carefully, I'm asking about X3P.

I've been told by Line6Miller here that X3P can be sync slaved over the spdif (

I just need to know how exactly.

So, the question still stands unanswered.

Re: Pod X3 Pro as a sync slave over S/PDIF
by tubealot on 2010-11-25 07:46:38.9930

oh the fineprint...

sorry, my bad

Re: Pod X3 Pro as a sync slave over S/PDIF
by jahra on 2010-11-25 12:54:37.0390

So I've cracked it myself allright.

For anyone who might be also interested, here's what solves it:

1) Make sure you connect

     - [spdif out] on your POD to [spdif in] of your clock master unit (M-Audio ProjectMix I/O in my case)


     - [spdif in] on your POD to [spdif out] of your clock master

Apparently POD expects master clock signal on its [spdif in] only, even though it might be present on the [spdif out] cable too, so connecting the [spdif in] is crucial even if you're not planning to play back anything through POD's digital input.

2) Set settings in the OUTPUTS page of the POD (press the [OUTPUTS] button) to:


     - MATCH DIG IN for RATE

     - whatever level boost you need for LEVEL

     - S/PDIF for FORMAT

3) On the INPUTS page of the POD (press the [INPUTS] button) set:

     - anything BUT VARIAX as TONE1

     - anything BUT VARIAX as TONE2

     - S/PDIF for DIGITAL

     - DISABLE GLOBAL CONTROL for VARIAX (this last one does not really matter, will work with either setting, but just in case I have turned off variax control)

Now, it's this last step (3) that I have missed originally in my vain attempts to make POD work as a sync slave.

When you think of it, it's just obvious that when you have Variax connected to the POD, the POD should rule the digital interface and be the clock master. I don't have a Variax, so I don't care. So as soon as I have delisted Variax as one of the signal sources for the tones in the INPUTS page, my POD happily sold itself to slavery to my M-Audio board.



P.S. Yes, my question has been answered, but not by the Line6 support, alas. No bad feelings guys, just update your manuals.

Re: Pod X3 Pro as a sync slave over S/PDIF
by mekaniks on 2011-06-07 23:51:46.0920

I've tried what's suggested and it doesn't work for me. I have M-Audio Delta 1010LT, and I've read on other forums people generaly have problems syncing to it via S/PDIF. Did anyone manage to do anything about it?  Even one "it will never work" would be fine, just end this aggony . Thanx!

Re: Pod X3 Pro as a sync slave over S/PDIF
by jahra on 2013-01-31 23:44:16.7670

Sorry mate, haven't been here for ages. Have you got your problem sorted? I have just had a quick look at the Delta's user guide online, and at a first glance it does not "export" its internal sync signal over s/pdif. The manual suggests only internal clock, locking in to the external sync signal over s/pdif in, or synchronising over Word Clock...

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