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problems in pocket pod
by richter269 on 2010-11-23 19:01:23.7950

just got a pocket pod. trying to download the editor. when it does come up it is asking for config for midi ports. I have a pod pro that i use this computer for editing it. could it be confusing the two different units.

RE: problems in pocket pod
by ricksox on 2010-11-24 10:11:40.0540


Yes, that could happen. You may have to manually configure Vyzex to see the Pocket POD MIDI Ports.

Check out page 17 of the manual and see if that helps at all.'s%20Guide.pdf


Re: problems in pocket pod
by PsicraftTony on 2010-11-24 10:33:33.8640

If the AutoSense routine is detecting your POD Pro then you will need to manually configure the editor to avoid picking the POD Pro on startup. If on the other hand AutoSense fails to detect any PocketPOD you should open the 'MIDI->MIDI In Ports...' and 'MIDI->MIDI Out Ports...' dialogs in turn and check to see that the PocketPOD's MIDI port is shown (It will be a USB Audio Device in Windows XP, but will be named correctly on all other operating systems).

If the PocketPOD's ports aren't showing up, the problem is that the computer USB port you have plugged into is not working correctly with PocketPOD. We have a downloadable Troubleshooting.PDF in the documents part of this group, but the basic things to try in this situation are:

1. Try another USB port on your machine - Some are routed internally through utility grade USB hubs that make PocketPOD unhappy. Find one that doesn't.

2. Try a different USB cable - In many cases a bad cable is the issue.
3. Failing these, you could try connecting PocketPOD through a high quality powered USB hub like a Belkin - but only if you already have one handy.
4. Install a USB port expansion card on your computer and use that port with your PocketPOD.

Let us know how it goes...


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