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POD X3 Live Power Supply Heat Problem
by aebirner on 2010-11-24 21:47:22.9070

The sticker on the back of my POD X3 Live says it needs 9V AC 2000mA MINIMUM.  The PX-2 power supply is rated at exactly 2000mA.  I suspect this is why my PX-2 runs hot -- after three hours, it's not something you'd want to hold in your hand for more than a few seconds.  Is there a higher-amperage power supply available for the POD?



Re: POD X3 Live Power Supply Heat Problem
by johnnieboy2 on 2010-11-26 13:04:26.2900

It's a common problem.  2 amp current rating does not handle this unit well for extended use.  I took one failed unit apart and found it was the primary that opened up, burnt that is, and it took some real heat energy to do that.   I'm looking for a 2.5 - 3.5 amp unit for my Live 3 as we speak.  By the way, it's just a step down transformer, no electronic circuitry seen in the disassembled unit.

Re: POD X3 Live Power Supply Heat Problem
by aebirner on 2010-12-27 14:19:42.8820

I was thinking some more about this, and came to the realization that the stated 2000mA minimum almost certainly does NOT include any Variax that may be connected to the POD X3 Live (since that is an optional, though officially supported, configuration).  If that is the case, then Line 6 needs to provide a way to power a Variax via the POD without overtaxing the power supply.  As things stand, there seems to be no way to do this without using a non-Line 6 power supply (which would void the warranty, if I recall correctly).

Re: POD X3 Live Power Supply Heat Problem
by johnnieboy2 on 2010-12-27 15:43:31.8600

I certainly would agree about the Variax issue, since these p/s have a real tendency to fry themselves without one attached.  I could not find a suitable unit to replace the original with the extra current margin, but I did find that Best Buy was selling the original unit from Line 6 for about $21 shipped so I bought it and it works great...for now.  That's a little better than the $35 price tag I was finding online everywhere else including ebay.  There is certainly no incentive for Line 6 to 'fess' up since the unit is 'old' news now.  They really should do a better job with their engineering on build quality.  The warranty is useless now so I would not worry about that and If I could find a larger current supply at 9vac I would use it in a reason for that to cause a problem with the X3 Live.

Re: POD X3 Live Power Supply Heat Problem
by aebirner on 2011-11-23 21:55:56.9850

I fried another power supply last week.  Fortunately, I keep a spare in my variax gig bag.  I haven't been able to find a 9 VAC supply rated at more than 2000mA anywhere--even from the custom houses.  There must be a liability issue or something involved. 

Re: POD X3 Live Power Supply Heat Problem
by aebirner on 2012-01-29 15:31:13.2080

I found a 3333mA 9VAC transformer at Grainger (item #11Y719, $25 list).  The only problem is that the barrel connector on the 9V side is the wrong size for the POD (the inside diameter is 2.1mm instead of the 2.5mm that the POD requires).  That, however, is easily fixed, either by soldering on a replacement of the right size or using an adaptor (PowersStream sells a set of seven different tips for $7).  The cable on the 9V side is of a heavier guage than that featured on the original Line6 unit, which is a good thing.  The transformer itself is a wallwart unit, though, which limits where it can be plugged in. 



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