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Spider Jam and FBV
by woodswalker on 2010-11-25 20:30:36.6460

I am thinking of getting an FBV foot controller for someone that has a Spider Jam. I played around with the amp today and now I am not so sure a foot controller is going to work with it. I don't know a whole lot about this amp but if I am understanding it right it plays music and you can play along with the music, as well as it is able to record what you are playing. If a foot controller is hooked up to the amp can you control the amp or can you just control the music playing/recording functionality? I didn't find any way in the short time I messed with the amp to "change channels" or anything else.

I have a POD 2.0 and control it with a MIDI floor board (just a button box, no petals or anything fancy). My Marshall amp also has a mult-button foot switch. Both allow me to have pre-set "channels" (on the POD I can program what bank/channel each button is and the Marshall I can control what channel, overdrive/clean, and chorus on/off). Will the FBV controller work with the Spider Jam in the same respect as the MIDI controller on the POD? Or is it only going to control the music playback/recording functionality while the knobs have to be adjusted to change the sound?

This may be a really stupid question, but I don't want to buy a foot controller that won't control the "amp" as that is the whole point in having one. I'm not so sure one will after playing with the amp today.


Re: Spider Jam and FBV
by kurrykid on 2010-11-25 21:30:53.5430

The SpiderJam certainly works with the floorboard.  If you click here, there is a compatibility chart:

Unfortunately, I am not exactly sure which one is related to the SpiderJam since they aren' kind enough to list it in the chart Since the SpderJam was based on the Spider III technology, that's the one I would use.

I have a FBV (the original one) hooked up to my SPiderJam and it works great.



Re: Spider Jam and FBV
by joegillespie on 2010-11-26 00:47:56.3140

There are two FBV pedals that work with the Spider jam - the FBV Shortboard and the FBV Express,

Both will control the recording/looping facilities in the amp, the tap tempo, the tuner and both have a volume/wah pedal.

The difference in the two is that the Shortboard can access all 9x4 (36) custom USER tones that have been set up in the amp. The cheaper Express pedal can only access 4 custom tones from the pedal buttons (although you can still change to a different 4 with a knob on the amp).

So, if you are using the amp in a performance situation and need to change tones on a song by song basis, the FBV Shortboard is the better choice. For home practice use where the 'quick change' is not so important, the FBV Express pedal is fine and saves a considerable sum.

The new MkII version pedals have some extra facilities, such as MIDI, but these are not supported by this particular amp model and are for use with other Line6 products.

Re: Spider Jam and FBV
by jimmyz86 on 2010-11-27 16:23:09.1970

i have both . the fbv short board is the only way to go . anything else you buy you wil outgrow pony up and get the fbbv right off the bat

Re: Spider Jam and FBV
by suficom on 2010-11-28 03:31:01.2670

Hi evryone,

I've just bought a Spider JAM and FBV Express MKII and they work just fine together, but I wonder how to edit the A,B,C and D to give me my choice of guitar presets. I've downloaded the software that can edit the FBV, but I'm not sure how to assign a perticular guitar preset to one of the 4-keys.



Re: Spider Jam and FBV
by Buy-a-Fender on 2010-11-28 05:10:06.8480

I don't think the software will do you any good with the Spider Jam.

Check this page out regarding User Presets. Whatever you have assigbed as user presets on the amp will be what you select with the pedal

You cannot assign user presets with the FBV you can only select

Re: Spider Jam and FBV
by joegillespie on 2010-11-28 07:03:48.4820

Here is a tutorial on custom tones -

Re: Spider Jam and FBV
by Buy-a-Fender on 2010-11-28 10:19:00.2360

Thanks Joe - I had meant to include that link in my post but got sidetracked by the smell of breakfast cooking

bacon makes me lose my concentration

Re: Spider Jam and FBV
by suficom on 2010-11-28 17:43:54.7740

Thank you very much, indead Steve & Joe. that was very helpfull.

After reading how to costumize my tones I wondered if you could help me on how to create (or where to find) Joe Satriani's tone, as I've just bought my first Ibanez JS1000 guitar.

Many Thanks,


Re: Spider Jam and FBV
by joegillespie on 2010-11-29 01:00:35.6020

There are 4 things that make a 'tone' too

a. The most important is your fingers. If I were to put Joe Satriani's guitar and amp into your hands, it would sound completely different. If I put another guitar and amp into his hands, it would still sound like Joe Satriani. You can't turn a few knobs and sound like Joe Satriani.

b. Having made that point, if you want to get close to an artist's tone, you have to find out what gear they use. This is usually easy to find with Google or YouTube. Satriani uses a Yamaha JS series guitar.

c. The amps they use is important. You will have to research that and dial-in the closest amp model on the Spider Jam. Joe Satriani uses Peavey JSX amps. One of the CRUNCH or METAL amp models will get you close.

d. Effects. Satriani uses specific effects pedals which can only be approximated by a Spider Jam - distortion, echo, wah. etc  I'm sure that he could change these and still sound like Joe Satriani.

In the end, it's the fingers that give the tone. The Spider Jam is the best product available for improving your playing technique.

Re: Spider Jam and FBV
by suficom on 2010-11-29 15:11:15.0650

Thanks very much, Joe for your quick & helpfull reply.

Just one correction ... Satriani's using Ibanez instead of Yamaha.

Thanks again for your advices, and by the way, you have a fantastic website ... I surfed around and it's really amazingly helpfull ... I'll try to create Satriani's tone (or similar) and share it, gladly, on your JAM wibsite.


Re: Spider Jam and FBV
by Buy-A-GDec on 2010-11-29 15:50:43.3750

Good luck coming close to Satriani's tone on a Spider Jam

Re: Spider Jam and FBV
by joegillespie on 2010-11-30 02:34:07.3840
Just one correction ... Satriani's using Ibanez instead of Yamaha.

Of course, my brain isn't quite in gear at the moment. I have an Ibanez Spanish Guitar, which is excellent.

Re: Spider Jam and FBV
by jwendorf1234 on 2012-05-20 09:17:23.0870

i have the fbv express mkii and a spider jam and i am unable to figure of the looping/recording capabilities. if you can tell me how that would be greatly appriciated.

Re: Spider Jam and FBV
by AjayLine6 on 2012-06-18 10:51:32.5430


I haven't been able to get the FBV Express to contol the Recording / Looping functions. I even tried assigning the record and Play function through the FBV Control software.

Could you guide me on how to do it?

Also do we have to press the pedal real hard to get the WAH effect?

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