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Buffer *poff*
by ferryman95 on 2010-11-25 20:38:32.4750


So i have been having problems with my pod studio UX2, when i use the device the sound cuts off now and then, it doesn't effect recordning though.

have have changed the buffer to extra large which reduced the clicking and cracking but it's still not gone, i have gone throu the tutorials on your site "how to optimize your device  on windows 7" or something, and it hasn't helped im afraid.

i also got some sort of CPU spikes before, reinstalled the drivers and did some tweeks and they calmed down a bit, still there though, don't know if this i relavant, but i'll send a screen-shot just in case. ( post re-install of drivers and tweeks )

i feel that my computer should be able to handle the UX2 and software but i have tried everything i could think of, so now im turning to you.



Re: Buffer *poff*
by Rowbi on 2010-11-26 03:25:16.2240

during those CPU spikes, look at the processes tab and click on the CPU column header to sort (you may need to sort twice to get highest CPU users to the top) then you will see the process that's causing the spikes.  it's possible that it's something else that's doing that and intern the realtime audio that your UX2 is processing can't keep being realtime when the CPU is under such load, and it craps out.

Re: Buffer *poff*
by LoonyBin-Fizzbin on 2010-11-26 04:42:31.2100

I don´t think you will have an answer, unless you analize it yourself!

You can use something like this!

<a target=new href=" class="jive-image" src=""/>

Re: Buffer *poff*
by ferryman95 on 2010-11-26 10:35:38.3320

Tried that already and for some reason there isn't a process that spikes, but with a simple act of elimination i have concluded that it is indeed Pod Farm, both 2.02 and 1.12 couses spikes, as soon as i turn them of the spikes disapear.

Thank you


Re: Buffer *poff*
by ferryman95 on 2010-11-26 10:44:41.1270

Been trying to use Xperf but for some reason it doesn't seem to work on windows 7.

im not very enthustiastic on buying more software to combat the problem either, i'll do that only if i have to.

the things i know about the problem though is: it has something to do with the buffer, the smaller the "crackier" and podfarm spikes on one of my cpu cores.

but thank you for suggesting the Vertex thingy, will take a look at it and see what it does.

Thank you


Re: Buffer *poff*
by hwhalen on 2010-11-26 23:56:54.4630

I went back to Pod Farm 2.01, CPU spike are gone.

Re: Buffer *poff*
by ferryman95 on 2010-11-27 10:24:02.3630

Dude, your a lifesaver ^^, still have the crackling sound once in a while but it has gotten alot better, the cpu usage doesn't spike as much anymore just halfway or so, ( guess that's normal )

still want to fix tha sound problem but i guess i can just make the buffer a little bigger^^

Thank you very much


Re: Buffer *poff*
by ferryman95 on 2010-11-27 12:41:58.3090

Just feelt i needed to be clear, after installing the old updates it's become alot better, but still have the sound output problem :/


Re: Buffer *poff*
by hwhalen on 2010-11-28 07:59:11.8650

From another thread.

Re: UX8 96000 Hz Usage

Windows 7

I have a new laptop that I'm testing also.

Tonite I did the same stuff.

No problem.

Disk is only 5400rpm

Spark up UX8, Reaper (64bit), Pod Farm 2

Record two processed guitars, 1 processed bass 5 mic drum set.

Clean... CPU under 10% disk read/write no problem.

Once again UX8 settings

96000 hz 32 bit

ASIO settings Default buffer size 4096 32 bit

ToneDirect & USB Audio Streaming at Extra Large.

Latency? What latency? Crackling? Nope? Dropouts? Nope?

Plugins? Nope?

Works for me!

Re: Buffer *poff*
by ferryman95 on 2010-11-30 14:31:30.8330

Thank you all for your help.

After installing the slightly older drivers and putting the buffer on extra large the crackling noise and the clicks got extreamly rare, and doesn't bother me at all anymore.

but i have decided to send my UX2 back and get an HD500 insted.

don't get me wrong the UX2 was awsome and extreamly fun to use, but after thinking about it for awhile i came to the conclution that if im going to buy something why not put in some extra cash and get the best^^.

Again, thank you for your help.


Re: Buffer *poff*
by hwhalen on 2010-11-30 17:36:55.9430

And why not;-)

Good luck.

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