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Buzzing in POD HD500
by gravityeuphonic on 2010-11-30 12:39:50.5110

I recieved my HD500 yesterday through the mail.  Once I got the item, I installed the drivers, updated my firmware and made sure everything was setup right.  Here's the problem: regardless of any cable or guitar combination that I've tried, I'm getting a loud almost electrical buzz from the unit.  A friend and I tried out the same guitars and cables through an HD300 of his, and it runs silently...  this is even through the same power outlet, and combinations of equipment.  I also noticed that it was odd that I got the same buzzing through the USB audio input as well as an issue where the USB cable doesn't seem to make connections quite right.

Any thoughts on this?  I've tried everything I can think of, and I'm starting to question if the unit I recieved might be faulty and need to be exchanged.

(Just to provide you guys with as much info as possible, the buzzing comes out ALL the outputs, including the 1/4" line outs, the XLR outs and the USB output...  I tried switching the ground lift on the XLR to see if it was a ground problem, and it almost sounded worse.)

Re: Buzzing in POD HD500
by ozbadman on 2010-11-30 12:55:55.0340

Yeah, it sounds like you may have a bad unit. But befoire giving up on it, I'd try at least this:

1) Reflash the latest firmware (v1.1) and choose to not keep any existing patches.

2) Set the +PAD switch to +PAD on the unit.

3) Create a brand new tone with no Amp and no effects. Don't use the existing presets for your initial test. If that empty patch exhibits the same noise problem then you possibly have a faulty unit.


Re: Buzzing in POD HD500
by abeale on 2010-11-30 15:38:33.0450

I've been having a simliar problem with a dual tone patch I created, I managed to get rid of the buzzing from either disabling the amp and enabling it again, or by going into the patch via the setlist button..hopefully this can be of some help!

Re: Buzzing in POD HD500
by gravityeuphonic on 2010-11-30 15:43:25.6450

I will try it this evening with a blank patch and see if I get any noise with it.  I'll also be trying a third firmware update just to be on the safe side.  Will update with my results.  Thanks everyone!

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