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X3 Live volume pedal problem SOLVED!
by RPascarella on 2009-04-14 07:09:17.3920

Hi all,

   I'm a new X3 Live user (switched over from the Boss GT-8 about 2 months ago) and a new forum member.  I sought out solutions to my volume pedal problem, which was as follows.  When I rocked the pedal back to 0%, the volume dropped out as expected.  However, when I removed my foot from the pedal, the volume would jump up to 30 or 40%.  When I approached the pedal with my foot, getting within an inch or so, the volume dropped again.  I entertained my bandmates with this cool trick, but it was getting to be a nuisance.  My unit is used, so I didn't hesistate to crack it open to look for solder joint problems, but everything looked great.  I touched up a few joints, but no improvement.  I came out here looking for advice and found this thread:

I went back to mine and noticed the foam tube around the stem of the volume pedal was sitting about 1/4" above the surface of the box, shoved up against the pedal.  After realizing that the volume pedal works off of an IR LED/Phototransistor circuit, I figured that foam tube was there to shield the circuit from ambient light.  So last night, as a test, I went into calibration mode, took a flashlight and shined it around the foam tube area and sure enough the reading went from 0 up to around 15-20, just like before.  Then I cracked it open again, pulled the foam tube down through the hole of the box so it now rests on the surface of the PC board surrounding the LED circuit, and it works fine!  I assume that's where it should be.  What a relief, since I was about to bring it down to a service center today ($$$).

BTW, it appears the volume circuit uses an Optek OP280 and OP580 ( pair in case anyone ever needs to replace these parts.  I suppose you'd have to contact Optek to find out exactly which version of these since they are not marked (but they are yellow-ish if that helps) and there are several different versions available.

I hope someone finds this helpful.


Re: X3 Live volume pedal problem SOLVED!
by TheRealZap on 2009-04-14 07:20:59.5880

great! glad that it worked out for you. i think the forum members here have known alot of the information that you figured out... but it's always great to hear a success story.

Re: X3 Live volume pedal problem SOLVED!
by marlboro20s on 2009-04-27 12:43:28.5620

I'm stuck with my pod x3 live.I am 10000 miles away from the place where I purchased (Guitar Center) in Las Vegas.

Line 6 Miller told me that I have to send my unit to service repair. but I don't have money for the shipping, and my pod is in WARRANTY !

My problem is similar than yours, the volume is always at ZERO.  The pedal calibration procedure doesn't works, always shows 0.

LINE6miller  this is a sensor problem ? I asked this a few months ago...

Thanks !

Re: X3 Live volume pedal problem SOLVED!
by Septemfluous on 2009-04-27 13:10:32.9660

I'm guessing you live in a foreign country and figured you could save some money if you bought it in Las Vegas.  You were taking a big risk doing this (emphasis on YOU).  It sounds like your volume pedal's sensor isn't working and it needs to be serviced.

A lot of the buttons have had problems on the X3, the volume pedal has been one of the more stable items.  It really sucks that you are having that problem, but it looks like your gamble didn't pay off.  Go figure, you gambled in Las Vegas and lost... who would've seen that coming .  Now, you're going to have to save up some money and ship it back for service.  Or, you're going to have to go to a local service center for you and pay the price.  I don't really see any other way out of this for you.

Re: X3 Live volume pedal problem SOLVED!
by Reesho on 2009-04-27 17:29:36.7900

Hey  RPascarella -

Thanks for that great info. It sounds like something I should archive. Technology is both a blessing and a curse but Kudos to you for solving this on your own.

Re: X3 Live volume pedal problem SOLVED!
by blueverde on 2009-05-28 11:40:18.1810

Hi Randy,

I am desperately searching for a solution to the same volume issue, since I bought a X3live in NY (wonderfully working there), but as I live in Italy it's not covered by any warranty.

By observing my X3live foam tube it appears to be completely around the external part of the stem of the pedal (I can see it and touch it without opening the case).

Are you suggesting that the foam tube shouldn't stay in this position, but it should rest all inside the case?

I opened the case and put the foam tube internally around the stem, but it didn't work.

I must have done something wrong.

Could you please post a picture of how it should be set?

Thank you in advance!


Re: X3 Live volume pedal problem SOLVED!
by RPascarella on 2009-05-28 14:10:48.2660

Hi Paolo,

   I probably can't post a pic mainly because I don't want to disassemble the unit again.  However, check this:  go into calibration mode (see other posts for how to do this), then take a flashlight and shine it near the post under your pedal.  If you see the readings change, you know that the foam is not doing its job.  If you don't see the readings change, you probably have a different problem.

     If the readings change, then the foam is probably not in right.  I shoved the foam tube down inside the hole so that it rested up against the PC board containing the sensor.  This way the lower half is not visible from the outside since it is inside the box, while the upper half is visible from the outside of the box.  This prevents any ambient light from getting inside to the sensor.

     I guess you could, rather than do a calibration, just check to see if the foam tube is NOT inserted through the hole of the box.  If you can pull the foam up so you can see inside the hole, then you have this problem.

I hope this helps.


Re: X3 Live volume pedal problem SOLVED!
by blueverde on 2009-05-29 09:22:14.5330

Hi Randy,

thanks for answering me, and so soon.

I already tried to put the foam inside but I'll do again the operation this weekend, what you write make sense, the foam tube seems useless as it is, standing a few cm from the hole.

Thanks always, I'll let you know.


Re: X3 Live volume pedal problem SOLVED!
by blueverde on 2009-05-30 03:04:24.9330

Hi Randy,

I tried to put the foam half inside and half outside, paying attention to not any light enter and yet to let the metal stem working freely with the optical sensor.

I reinstalled the firmware (actually I went back to first firmware available and then upgraded gradually to the last one, hoping in some bug upgrade-related, since everything was working fine when the X3 was out of the box).

I also went through the calibration routine.

Nothing, I still have the volume not working.

Maybe my unit has a different problem.

I have noticed that the icon VOL on the display is not "squared" (there's not the squared line I see around the other EQ, COMP, etc...), it seems to be inactive (not for a choice, but it's like it were).

Furthemore I always have an asterisk on the left, even if I don't touch anything that could change the patch.

Since it is a common and recurring issue, I wonder why Line6 chooses to be silent about this.

Thanks again Randy, I don't give up!

(uhm, what's the price of a Boss GT10? )


Re: X3 Live volume pedal problem SOLVED!
by RPascarella on 2009-05-30 07:37:58.3400

Hi Paolo,

   Hmm, sorry to hear that didn't help.  One other thing you could try, depends on your level of expertise with electronic equipment.  You could open up the unit, remove the PC board containing the sensor and disconnect the cable (this of course voids your warranty, but if you can't get it serviced under warranty, it might be a last resort).  Take the PC board under a magnifying lens with nice bright light and examine the solder joints around the two components that make up the volume sensor - one emits light, the other picks it up (described in the original posting).  It may be that you have a cracked or insufficient solder joint that is making intermittent connection (especially if temperatures change, that can really cause weird things to happen with a cracked solder joint).  Also check around the other components, especially around the connector.

   I hope this helps!


Re: X3 Live volume pedal problem SOLVED!
by blueverde on 2009-05-31 14:29:46.2280

Hi Randy,

I am going to try your advice, with the help of a (more skilled) friend of mine.

Thank you always.


Re: X3 Live volume pedal problem SOLVED!
by Mr_Nitro on 2009-06-01 00:29:45.6440

Same Problem, I've a brand new unit and pedal is dead, I tried calibration but the scale indicator stays at zero.

I am quite upset as I 've been reading other people too having this problem.  Quality control seems a bit lacky.

Dunno if it's the optical sensors (I'd love those old style gear type pedals) or soldering, but it seems a recurrent issue.

one angry user...


Re: X3 Live volume pedal problem SOLVED!
by alexz on 2009-07-08 12:52:11.9350

Hi Randy,

many thanks for your post and for the information what kind of optical parts are used for the volume circuit!

My pedal stops working suddenly. Either the volume or wah effect can't be controlled via the pedal anymore. The foam tube around the stem of the volume pedal fits correctly. So I removed the cover and unmounted the small circuit board but left it connected to the main PCB and powered up the board. Carefully, I measured the voltage drop of the receiver while putting my finger on and off. The voltage stays constant at 3.3V which indicates the IR receiver (photo Darlington NPN transistor) is not working. With the information from Randy I ordered both available parts from digi-key (OP580: 365-1162-1-ND; OP580DA: 365-1481-1-ND) because I don't know which part is mounted on the PCB. First I tried the OP580 because the housing color was identical... The OP580DA is bright white but the one on the board isn't.

After replacement, reassembling and calibration everything is working again

Please note: Replacing the part should be done by one how knows what he is doing! SMD soldering could be tricky.

So far I spend a few Euro to get it back working

Greetings from Germany


Re: X3 Live volume pedal problem SOLVED!
by RPascarella on 2009-07-08 21:17:04.9030

Hey Alex,

   That's great news!  I'm so glad that info was helpful.  You are a brave man to dig in and fix the problem you were having.  Sure beats having to take it in for service!

Take care,


Re: X3 Live volume pedal problem SOLVED!
by blueverde on 2009-07-09 03:56:40.1490

This sounds great.

I've ordered the optek components, I'll keep you informed.

Thank you Alex and Randy.


Re: X3 Live volume pedal problem SOLVED!
by alexz on 2009-07-09 05:15:35.1020

Hi Paolo,

there is no warranty from my side for this method! Because there are many other components (two transistors,... ) on the small PCB which can cause similar problems. Also possible, something is broken on the main PCB...

For sure, it's worth a try

Furthermore, be really careful when removing the part. It could happen when pull off the part from the PCB the solder pad get damaged. Than you need a real expert to fix the broken pad too. I'm a Hard- and Software Engineer so it is my daily job to deal with hardware and a soldering iron and playing with SMD components Also when you solder in the new component the solder process should not take to long. This could cause a thermal damage of the photo transistor!

You really should care about my advice: This should be done by one how knows what he is doing!

Good luck and I'm looking forward to hear from you!



Re: X3 Live volume pedal problem SOLVED!
by blueverde on 2009-07-09 06:54:06.5390

Hi Alex,

thanks for your further advice.

The issue on my line6 is very likely the same as yours' (I want to hope my main PCB is not broken ).

But, as you said, it's worth a try, and I'll do it with the help of a professional repairer.

Thanks again!


Re: X3 Live volume pedal problem SOLVED!
by alexz on 2009-07-09 11:57:56.5420

Dear Paolo,

for reference here is the pictLine6PedalPCB2.jpgure of the PCB after repair:

  • Q1 is the OP580 which I have replaced
  • D11 is the OP280(xx)

The red dot in the picture marks the cut-away on the housing of Q1. Hopefully this will help you to quickly locate the part and the right mounting position. I hope, Line6 did not change the components on later revisions so for completeness here the revision marking on my PCB:




REV B: 06.26.2007

I really don't know why this part stops working after approx 2 years. I didn't spent to much time on reverse engineering the complete circuit but so far I don't see any reason for the defect. It is a little bit difficult because there are more unknown parts on the PCB so my estimated current calculation for Q1 might be wrong. It can't be a mechanical or solder problem - I checked all solder points first of cause...

If there are more people how having trouble with the pedal I can spent more time on reverse engineering but so far I don't see a reason to do this. For me, it is still some kind of mystery.



Re: X3 Live volume pedal problem SOLVED!
by blueverde on 2009-07-09 23:45:07.7030

Dear Alex,

you are a fantastic person!

And not just because you are a skilled guy, but because of your will to help others.

Thanks for the time, attention and energy spent on us.

All my best wishes.

Paolo-the-mad-solderer :-)

Re: X3 Live volume pedal problem SOLVED!
by marlboro20s on 2009-07-14 07:29:12.6150

Hi, congrats you solved this $#%#$%#$ problem. I have the same.

Can u send a link to the page (sensor model) where you bought the sensors ?

Thanks a lot !

Re: X3 Live volume pedal problem SOLVED!
by blueverde on 2009-07-14 07:38:43.3470

Hi Marlboro,

i placed an order at, on the 9th of july, so I still have to receive the sensors (I live in Italy).



Re: X3 Live volume pedal problem SOLVED!
by marlboro20s on 2009-07-14 07:45:55.9250

Another question, i have to change only circuit Q1 ?

Thanks !

Re: X3 Live volume pedal problem SOLVED!
by blueverde on 2009-07-14 07:52:16.6120

I'm sorry, I'm not able to answer.

I decided to buy this small piece of hardware thanks to the advice by randy and alex (on this thread).

All I was able to try was some software trick, more similar to irrational esorcisms, though...


Re: X3 Live volume pedal problem SOLVED!
by alexz on 2009-07-14 08:08:47.9480

Dear Marlboro,

it depend on which part is defect of cause and it is hard to say. I don't know if you are a technical skilled guy which can handle a volt meter...

If yes, you should measure the voltage drop directly on Q1 (Pin 1 and Pin 2) dimmed and not dimmed. The easiest way is to put your finger on it and remove it while observing the volt meter in a lighted ambience. If there is any "significant" change (the voltage drop depends on the wave length of the light shining on Q1 of course!), Q1 might not be defect.

I already reassembled my POD so it would take a while to get it back on my workbench but I can do some measurements to provide more accurate values if required. To be hones, it would take me about 2-3 days because I'm very busy to get a software project done right now .

Here the results of the measurements:

dimmed: 0.2 Volt

not dimmed (fully illuminated): 3.2 - 3.3 Volt

Conclusion: The voltage drop is significant and should be measured easily with a standard volt meter. If it is constant at any value the possibility Q1 is defect is high.



Re: X3 Live volume pedal problem SOLVED!
by blueverde on 2009-10-02 07:31:44.1040

So, I'd like to update my earlier posts.

After having substituted the optical sensors with the optek ones, reinstalled firmware and having gone through the recalibration routine, I still have the same *§£&&% VOLUME ISSUE: it doesn't work, and it is not recognized by the software (i can see the icon VOL unselected on the display).

I still hope to find a solution. I livie in Italy, and I bought my unit in NY, so no warranty and difficulties to find an expert who could solve my problem.

Any other clue, guys?


Re: X3 Live volume pedal problem SOLVED!
by edermariano on 2009-10-20 21:27:52.9640

I am still having this fu***** PODx3LIVE problem for the second time, the first one I had a PODxt LIVE, I'm totaly upset and for sure I will leave Line6 behind. Probably I will buy a Boss GT10 or a VOX Tonelab

Re: X3 Live volume pedal problem SOLVED!
by marlboro20s on 2010-01-11 10:24:03.5230

My pod is out of order because the F******** pedal problem i wrote 100000 of posts and im tired i dont want to send my pod to a service center.

I have a solution. Can Line 6 ship for free the circuit of the pedal (wich contains the sensors).

Re: X3 Live volume pedal problem SOLVED!
by nostuht on 2010-02-14 09:44:55.2130

Hey Everyone -

Here's what fixed mine ... read on ...

I just purchased a used X3L and had a pedal problem from the get-go.  Everything else worked fine, and I bought it sight-unseen for $200, so I figured no big deal.  But I figured I'd see if I could it it working so I read through all the posts I could find to troubleshoot, and this one certainly seemed the most promising (a big thanks to all those who put effort into informing everyone of potential solutions).  At any rate, I finally bit the bullet and was ready to go the 'replace the optics' route and decided to take the thing apart, and I actually found the fix was rather simple.

Regardless of your warranty status, this could be a low-risk way to check if your problem was the same as mine.

To start, be sure you UNPLUG the unit first(!), then remove all the screws on the sides and the two on the bottom.

Once you unscrew everything and pop the casing apart, there is a white ribbon cable that is supposed to run from the pedal circuit board to the motherboard.  All the circuitry is affixed to the top of the casing, so you have to turn the top part over to see everything.  It is the ONLY cable, so you can't miss it, and mine was the very length it needed to be to fit nicely.

My problem was that the cable was completely disconnected from the motherboard.  It is simple to reconnect (both ends) because they only fit in one direction.  Plug it up and screw it back together, re-calibrate, and then you're ready to go.  5 minutes tops.

A cable that isn't securely seated could explain erratic behavior for some of you, as well as when it seems the pedal stops working completely and it possibly falls out.  Be sure to push both ends just to be sure.  If this doesn't work, then perhaps it could be a failed optics or solder joints that need fixing, but that's a route only those comfortable with electronics should pursue.

I hope this helps some of you out there.

Good luck!

Re: X3 Live volume pedal problem SOLVED!
by endfim72 on 2010-04-23 11:55:17.5700

Got a temporary fix for anyone with this problem.  Plug in an external pedal and set your x3 live to have the volume controlled externally.  You'll lose the ability to wah or tweak, but at least you can use it.  I'm eventually going to send it to a service center by mail, but this is getting me through my shows for now.

Unfortunately for me, my problem didn't crop up until it was out of warranty.  Line 6 has definitely let me and others down.  I wish they would address this by extending warranties for this problem!

Message was edited by: endfim72

Has anyone paid for this repair...If so, how much?

Re: X3 Live volume pedal problem SOLVED!
by aaronhamill on 2010-06-03 16:33:08.5130

I just started having  the same problem. So I decided to undo the bolt that the pedal pivots on. Baaad idea! The bolt doesnt have a fixed nut to screw into and now I can't get the pedal back on. I figure that I can take the casing off of the unit... but thats easier said than done since the hex bolts on the outside are painted... meaning the hex key i have that would fit... doesnt fit. so now I have to use plier to take each bolt out. what a waste of time. Could the board not have been better designed so people can do some simple maintenance?

Re: X3 Live volume pedal problem SOLVED!
by lamprocles on 2010-08-03 15:53:07.6750

I had the same problem. Read on for my solution (no i didn't throw it off a bridge). However, soldering was not necessary for me.

Hadn't used the Line 6 X3 live for about 3 months. Went to use it, and no sound. don't know if it was humidity in the basement or what. But I was pissed. The symptoms/things I noticed/and attempted were these:

- Volume pedal didn't do anything, no sound regardless of where i set the pedal... except... turning on the wah gave full wah volume regardless of where the pedal was positioned. Moving the pedal did not adjust the wah sound, nor did it change volume, as you would expect.

- Foam sleeve was pushed up against the top of the pedal. However, shining a flashlight in the hole did not have any results during calibration (as others have mentioned in this thread).

- Re-cailbrated according to instructions, flashed the system, both with no effect.

Noticed on this thread that people were replacing the optic sensor. Then I thought, "hmmm, maybe an entire board can be replaced instead of going through all that trouble." And it can.

Opened up the unit (voided the warranty). Here's what you need:

- 7/64 Allan key (hex key, whatever they are called these days), metric sizes won't fit. This removes the 10 screws on the back, plus one back screw with the cable holder, and 5 screws on the front.

- Philips head screwdriver. this removes the two screws on the bottom of the unit (these are recessed).

- Removed the pedal with the included hex key. Might not be necessary, i don't quite remember.

- Grounded myself to an earth bonding point with the trusty anti-static strap.

- Used orange sticks to separate the top piece from bottom piece for the first time. For those of you who don't know, orange sticks are little wooden sticks with a sharp end, kind of like chopsticks but stronger. you can get them at most craft shops. Or, you could use a flathead screwdriver and damage the plastic a bit.

- Tested the optic sensor with a multimeter, it was dead. I love it.

The optic sensors are located on a small board. The entire board can be replaced. You cannot get it from Line6, and I couldn't find it online, but if you are friendly with a repair store, they can order it for you (they probably have them in stock as this is a common problem). Cost me $7. Picture of the old board below. The name and part number are clear in the pic. It is a REV F from 2007; I'll bet that they have fixed the problem with a newer REV board since 2007. One connection and screws, takes 2 minutes to replace it. I got an extra from the repair shop, just in case. Be carfeul with the ribbon cable that connects the board, it is easily damaged. For those of you who don't like to solder (like me), this is a much simpler solution for just a few dollars more. Be carfeul not to touch the main board of the unit.

Needless to say, the unit works now. Here's the thing, I've seen a lot of people saying that the foam sleeve is the cause of the problem. that wasn't the case for me (the first thing i tried to do was push the sleve down onto the board to no avail). It makes sense also. The optic sensor is IR I believe, so ambient light should not affect the sensors operation. I think the foam sleeve is just there to allevaite pedal noise when you tap for the wah, but that's just my guess. Mine is outside the hole altogether right now and the unit works fine after replacing the board.

If you need to put the pedal back together, and can't find all the parts, hold the unit upside down and they should show up. there are two plastic washers, a metal washer (I believe) and a nut. don't forget to connect the ground wire when assembling the pedal. I believe it is (from left to right) Nut, plastic washer, ground, then the pedal, then metal washer, and then plastic washer. Not 100% on that though. Sorry, I didn't think to take a pic while I had it open, and it works now, so it ain't being opened again!

Actually, it took longer to get the pedal together than to replace the board!

After reassembly, go through the calibration of the pedal, I also recommend the latest flash. You never know, there might have been an issue with the IR sensor, that one of the flash updates has fixed.

Re: X3 Live volume pedal problem SOLVED!
by blueverde on 2010-08-08 07:39:41.3270

Hi Lamprocles.

Thank you very much for this.

It sounds exactly my case.

I'll keep you updated.

Thanks again.


Re: X3 Live volume pedal problem SOLVED!
by alfredo_salvarani on 2010-08-27 18:08:25.1310

My problem is quite different from yours, my expression pedal acts like a log potentiometer ie. in calibration mode, when you put the pedal down back it show 0 as spected but if you move just a litle, let say a 20% to front it show about 130 and at a half of pedal excursion the display shows almost 240 and when the rest of the excursion happen it variaes up to 255. Someone can check if it is  normal? Thanks!

Re: X3 Live volume pedal problem SOLVED!
by podboy69 on 2011-06-06 04:45:24.4650

@ SEPTEMFLOUS  ... why don't you offer some useful advice ... and if you're so smart how come you ended up with an X3 Live ?   When I bought mine , I also assumed that I would have years of trouble free service from it ... like I have from my Boss, Art , Korg, Sony and Tech 21 devices. Instead I have spent hours on these forums looking for solutions to basic design faults.

Re: X3 Live volume pedal problem SOLVED!
by g7allen7 on 2011-11-16 12:07:20.1930

That's great but when I called the local authorized repair service they said they would not order the part. Can you give me the name of the place where you bought the part?

Thank you for your time, at least the users can support one another since Line 6 does not seem to care about their customers. I have other products by Roland and Korg and they have excellent service even when it is out of warranty, and don't charge a arm and a leg.

It seems like word will get around not to buy this product if the company can't provide better support.

Re: X3 Live volume pedal problem SOLVED!
by arifinguitarman on 2011-12-08 07:11:58.0850


im writing form Bangladesh...

My problem is similar than yours, the volume is always at ZERO.

The pedal calibration procedure doesn't works, always shows 0.

but good to know heres some solution and success story .dont know why line6 silent

i decide if any one ask me for buy any processor then i must be suggest gt10 not line 6

cuz they dont do anything for us at this moment .

Re: X3 Live volume pedal problem SOLVED!
by lamprocles on 2011-12-21 08:50:59.1530

The authorized service center would rather charge you to do the repair themselves, they don't have to send you the part. The place I dealt with did it out of good will. Try other authorized service centers.

I think the place I talked to was Coupe Communications in Ambler, PA, USA (it was a long time ago). Look up their number and when you talk to that service center (or any other), be on best behavior because again, they don't have to send you the part.

I've gotten replies from Line6 in the past. But they had no idea about this problem. So i just talked to the service center directly.

Re: X3 Live volume pedal problem SOLVED!
by lamprocles on 2011-12-21 08:52:18.1310

See my reply to g7allen7 above.

I use the GT10B for bass, great product. I love the Line 6 though for guitar, would fix it again if i had to.

Re: X3 Live volume pedal problem SOLVED!
by arifinguitarman on 2011-12-24 08:48:58.6510

hmmm ...btw still i cnt soution for it or where i can get the pcb bord ??? please anyone tell  me ....

and where i can get x3 live " hadware enginaring pdf file ???? if anyone know that pleas healp me .... i cant get it ...l

Re: X3 Live volume pedal problem SOLVED!
by arifinguitarman on 2012-01-13 05:36:36.6290

Salute ALL

Thanks A Lot ...

My Problem Solved ....

But I want op580 &op280 & ThePCB Bord For the future ..

If Anyone can able

to make this PCB Please CONTACT WITH Me I want Also  For Future .....

Contact mail

Re: X3 Live volume pedal problem SOLVED!
by kotsosdrakos on 2012-09-28 09:34:11.2970



i haven't used my pod for 4-5 months-when i turned it on the pedal didn't work.i opened the pod and cleaned the pedal area with cotton.

nothing happened.the pedal was still not responding.

after a couple of months the pedal started to work again!!!!!!

it worked fine for about 2 months until 2 days ago, when it stopped working again.

i was ready to throw the pod out of the window!!!!

i opened it 15 minutes before and cleaned it.nothing happened again.

before i was ready to put the screws back i remembered of a guy in the forum telling something about humidity.

i thought that maybe it was the humidity that caused the problem to the pedal phtotransistor.

i took a lighter!!!!!!(omg-i was very desperate) and i lighted the lighter on the transistor for about 2-3 seconds.

i put the screws again and turned the pod on!!!!




SEE YOU !!!!!

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