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by thorny2 on 2010-12-16 08:24:18.5340

I need help locating the correct RJ45 connector to be able to run two spider iv amps from my fbv contoller. The link that was posted in your original thread is not valid anymore because that particular vendor is no longer in business. I just want to make sure and order the correct connector. I have been unable to locate one online but I am not sure exactly what I am looking for as there are many different types. I sure would appreciate you clarifying this for me. Thanks in advance.

by Rowbi on 2010-12-16 08:44:28.8310

it's just an RJ45 splitter with all 8 pins connected to both.  this is something a little strange in the world of computer networking, which is what RJ45 connectors are usually used for.  if you just split the signal on networks it wouldn't work, so I think these are rare.  you could make something up yoursself, or maybe this would do:

by LoonyBin-Fizzbin on 2010-12-16 13:15:24.0490

But that hammer, is one part of the whole!

by spaceatl on 2010-12-16 13:24:56.2170


However, RJ45 Y splits were used in telco for a long while before they were adopted in "compooter netwerking"....Anyhoo, they way to find one is to look for telco (telephone)...I found the ones I used for this a Fry's...

Here's one I found on amazon after I attended a "Googling By Karl" class...

RJ45 Y telco splitter, T connector....or something like that...

If you have SV MK2s you don't need to do this as you can use a midi cable instead...

by thorny2 on 2010-12-16 13:25:22.4170

So the connector in the link you posted does not need the mod that space did to his? I am more than capable of doing the mod he did. I just want to be sure and get the right one to modify.

by Rowbi on 2010-12-16 13:31:49.5490

well it looks like Space has given you a different link.  I wasn't aware they were used for telephony before networking (showing my youth)..

the one I linked could have been modded, but it may have been messy, or hard to do... the alternative is you could have cut the 7 wires in the cable rather than in the Y splitter... lots of IT guys have a tool to crimp RJ45's onto cable (I know I do) so making up a custom cable would be my preferred solution with the link I gave you... but for ease, just hunt around for what Space mentioned... it may be easier.

by spaceatl on 2010-12-16 13:52:49.8460

I like that PCB version there Rowbi....That one would be a pretty simple mod...just cut traces...Whether it's a network one or not probably matters less...the main deal is that you have to lift the 9VDC so the FBV sees power from only one of the amps...

by thorny2 on 2010-12-16 14:08:50.5550

Ok I ordered the one off of amazon. Thanks a bunch!! That one will need to be modded like you did the one you got from Frys correct?

by spaceatl on 2010-12-16 14:16:53.7090

I would suggest getting two of them as they are a bit tricky to open...anyhoo...remember that the picture showing two wires is incorrect...It's really one wire...take your time and be careful...As I stated in the mod, this is an at your own risk mod as I can ill afford to offer any sort of warranty...

by Rowbi on 2010-12-17 11:14:06.9100

What I meant is that thee is no such thing as a computer networks RJ45 8 wire Y splitter. The ones you see split 4 wires to one socket and the other 4 wires to the other socket.  As Ethernet only uses 2 pairs of wires, that's a cheap way to push 2 network connections through 1 cat5 cable, for buildings where there are not enough network points on the wall... It works ok for 10/100 but 1000 doesn't like it, as there is too much crosstalk in the splitters... Nance the network splitters won't work for this mod as it needs all 8 pins connected to one of the sockets.

by thorny2 on 2010-12-18 09:21:08.3990

Man all of this because the the direct out shuts off the internal speakers!  I want to run one amp wet and one amp dry for a BIG sound. So I will basically have the same patches loaded in each amp but one with no delay or reverb and one with delay and reverb. Can you recommend a good a/b box to run one guitar to two amps?

by Nick_Mattocks on 2010-12-18 09:45:31.8580

Boss LS2 Line Switcher - does A or B, A plus B, A or B or bypass. A plus B or bypass and has level balance control too  and can run two independent FX/signal chains


by spaceatl on 2010-12-18 20:34:57.8480


LS-2 rules...You can run 3 amps with it...It has a lot of modes...great utility pedal...even makes for a great clean booster since it is buffered...

by Nick_Mattocks on 2010-12-19 00:18:09.8990

spaceatl wrote:

...great utility pedal...even makes for a great clean booster since it is buffered...

Yep - Ihave used it for exactly that in the past when I have left my MXR Micro Amp at home.  There's not many instances I've found where it won't do what I want - in fact probably the only time I've found it fell short was last Christmas when I was helping a guy with a dual amp setup - one with FX loop and the other without, and his M13 which he wanted to use both audio channels - one in 4CM and the other not to switch between his amps.  There were all kinds of issues such as signals summing where you didn't want them to be, so I ended up building a passive switch box to selectively kill and enable signal paths at various points.  It worked well but really needed some electronics in there for buffereing purposes.  Pretty easy stuff really, but alas the LS-2 simply didn't have quite enough options although two mechanically linked side by side like some kind of FrankenBoss woulkd have done the job I'm sure 

by thorny2 on 2010-12-25 22:57:19.8600

Ok I have the splitter and have modified it. Last question, do I need an RJ45 cable to use as the jumper between the two amps to make this work? I tried using a cat5 ethernet type cable that came with an old dsl router that I had and it didnt work. Yet I plugged this cable in on the back of the FBV and straight to just one amp without the splitter and it worked. Maybe I clipped the wrong wires. Jeeeez! I have a big gig coming up on New Years eve and was really looking forward to running a 2 amp setup. Any help is appreciated!!!

by spaceatl on 2010-12-27 14:45:10.6370

You need to be pretty careful about the type of cable you use...A crossover Ethernet cable can fry your amp and FBV...You must be sure that you always use straight-thru cables with FBVs and Line 6 amps...

Not sure what you did because I can't see what you did...crack open your splitter and take some pics and maybe we can figure it out...

BTW - It takes some time to get this setup dialed doesn't work quite the way you think it might...The slave amp is only listening which means you have to synch the bank on it as it is possible to run offsets (that might be a little advanced for now)...

Also, I have found that if I power up both amps at the same time, it is possible to lockup communication...Powering up the Master Amp first and then the slave amp (the one with one wire) has always worked for me...

by thorny2 on 2010-12-28 15:08:31.2950

Both my amps are spider iv's . Dont know if that makes a difference or not. I tried it again today and still nothing. I am positive that all I have on the modded side of the t connector is the number 6 wire.

by thorny2 on 2010-12-28 22:42:02.4910

Space thanks for all of your help and time. I ended up giving up on the t connector and went with this mod instead to do what I wanted. Works and sounds awesome!

by spaceatl on 2010-12-28 23:10:51.3660

Ok, so you are slaving the other amp using the Line out mod and the CD/MP3 in on the other amp...that's cool...probably a lot more reliable...Thanks for the link...That's a great mod vid!

by thorny2 on 2010-12-29 10:41:49.8160

Actually I do it slightly different. I have amp 1  set with all my favorite patches. I run out of the direct out to the input of amp 2. I set a patch on amp 2 with a totally clean sound and eq'd basically flat. I pick my favorite reverb and delay and set the mix to 100%. I spread the two amps apart a few feet. I turn up amp number 1 to desired level. Then I turn up amp number 2 slowly until it mixes right with amp number 1. Note you cant set too long of a delay on amp 2 and you shouldnt have too many repeats on the delay. It provides a huge sound. Big field of sound. Mic up both amps live and do a little panning if you like. I got the idea from David Bray.

by spaceatl on 2010-12-29 11:48:06.0180

Yea, two amps is most always a nice big sound...Cool you got something going in time for your gig...Have a blast!

Did you know about the bypass mode? I think the Spider 4 has it...If I remember right it's power up holding the tap button...It bypasses the DSP and turns the GTR input into a power amp in...The master doesn't work as I remember, but since you line out level sets by the other amps master volume...It's not so friendly if the power blinks out during the show as the amp will revert, so your approach seems the giggable one...

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