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Help needed with Line 6 FBV Control Software
by zwebb89 on 2010-12-17 05:40:54.8510

To start i am a newbie to this software and looking for a more in depth explanation of the "VALUE" section of the control properties. IS there a better manual out there or can anyone give me some insight on the meaning of a few "Values":

  • 003 - CC 3
  • 020 - cc 20 thru 063 - cc 63

Also what is difference between program change and bank change under MIDI Command column??

Any help is greatly appreciated.


RE: Help needed with Line 6 FBV Control Software
by Line6Hugo on 2010-12-20 09:57:22.1160

The MIDI Values are the specific MIDI commands that you want the pedal to control. You would need to refer to the MIDI CC References of whatever software you would like to control to understand what values you need to use to control that software.

As an example, here is the MIDI CC guide to Line 6 hardware which gives the values you need to program to control our hardware via MIDI:

Also, MIDI Program Change is typically used to change channels or presets on a software or hardware device that accepts MIDI. For example, to change between different presets/channels on a POD, you send Program Change messages to change presets.

Bank change messages are actually reserved controller messages like volume and pan but are assigned to change banks on instruments that have more that 128 memory locations. Say if a synth has 256 memory locations it has one bank of 128 and another with 128 for the total of 256. So you use bank change to change between these banks.

Please check out or other sites to learn more about using MIDI.



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