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DT50 smoking
by getstrat on 2010-12-20 08:29:29.5070


I had 2 DT-50 112's and I connected them together with the V-link.  When I did this, one unit started making really bad incredibly loud noise.  Then it started smoking (a lot of smoke in a very short time). I have returned the smoking unit as defective and have ordered a replacement.

Is there an issue with the way I connected the 2 units? Can I connect the replacement in the same way? I have an HD500 and have connected them all with that usink the V-link.  But the smoking started when I had the DT50's connected to each other and not to the HD500.

Re: DT50 smoking
by Nick_Mattocks on 2010-12-20 12:25:44.1460

Wow. That sounds like a bit of a hairy experience.

It shouldn't do that - no way.   I have a single DT50 212 and so have no way of double checking for you.  Normally, you would have an HDx00 connected at the head of the chain and that would feed the first DT50, which in turn would 'daisy chain' on to the second DT50.  It may have just been coincidence that the two DT50's were interconnected using L6 Link when yours went up in smoke, its really only digital audio and control information that goes via L6 Link. 

I would think it very unlikely that anything would have been being passed along the L6 link as you had your HD500 disconnected.   It is somewhat worrying though I agree.

Good luck with your replacement


Re: DT50 smoking
by Rowbi on 2010-12-20 13:19:01.8780

getstrat wrote:


I had 2 DT-50 112's and I connected them together with the V-link.  When I did this, one unit started making really bad incredibly loud noise.  Then it started smoking (a lot of smoke in a very short time). I have returned the smoking unit as defective and have ordered a replacement.

Is there an issue with the way I connected the 2 units? Can I connect the replacement in the same way? I have an HD500 and have connected them all with that usink the V-link.  But the smoking started when I had the DT50's connected to each other and not to the HD500.

By V-link... you do mean the L6Link... yes?

I am assuming you just had a faulty one, and it's no fault of your own, but just to double check: you didn't connect the speaker outputs from one amp to the speaker outputs of the other amp??  that and using an amp from another country (wrong input voltage) are the only 2 user related things I can think could cause that sort of failure.. but as I said, it sounds like you were just unlucky...

I think this is the first proper failure we've heard about (unless I missed any others).. so on a positive note, they do generally seem very reliable so far.

let us know how you get on with the replacement.

Re: DT50 smoking
by getstrat on 2010-12-21 22:57:06.0990

Thanks for the comments.

I am also having an issue with the other D50 unit that I have.  During every session, the unit will begin making some static noise

and then the unit stops outputting sound.  A quick power down and up has brought the output sound back as normal but this last session, I had to do it twice to regain functionality.  I guess I could call this DT50 as the one that cuts out (as opposed to the one that smoked).

I purchased both of these units from Guitar Center and they are great with returns (even offering me the same deal on both units). I'm sure that they would help me again and return this unit as well. (BTW, I didn't do anything to the units other than that for which it was designed). It just seems odd that I would get 2 faulty units.  I did notice that the boxes that these units came in looked like they had been around the bend a few times! Also, I noticed that the seal that they place on the plastic bag that covers the units had been unsealed??? I've never believed in coincidence, and either I am the unluckiest guy or some other reason exists for this situation.

Thanks again,


Re: DT50 smoking
by Rowbi on 2010-12-22 01:06:55.1220

well for amps that cost that much, I would return that as faulty too, and get a pair of new ones.  tell the store they were both opened boxes, and ask for a pair of factory sealed ones that don't have battered boxes...  you deserve to have working DT50's that haven't beed trashed, and once you have working ones you're gonna love them!

keep us posted on how it all goes



Re: DT50 smoking
by Nick_Mattocks on 2010-12-22 02:57:40.6530


It's often the case that a dealer will open the box just to check everything is there and maybe check the item is operational before despatching, so it doesn't necessarily mean that the item has been used and returned.   I don't know what the deal is in the rest of the world, but any item that has been used here in the UK cannot legally be re-sold as new.  It has to be marked as re-furbished, pre-owned or shop soiled and is usually discounted in respect of this.

I would say that a dealer who does check what they're sending out first, is a good dealer, but unfortunately when the box has been opened there's no real way of being able to tell if your item has simply been checked over or whether it has been pre-owned and returned for some reason.  I understand that GC and other suppliers have a 28 day return policy in place, which obviously opens up the potential for abuse of the system should anyone wish to take unfair advantage - but I'm not saying that has or hasn't happened here as I have no way of knowing

The symptoms you describe could have several causes in all honesty including possibly improperly seated tubes due to being transported in situ halfway round the world.  I would recommend that you check the tubes are fully in their sockets as this is easy to do and may save you some hassle.  I would also recommend that you re-flash the amp's firmware to the latest available version.

You may have a dodgy 12AX7 tube, so although you shouldn't really have to with a brand new amp, you might want to try swapping the 12AX7's for known good ones.  I would think that the symptoms might be somewhat different if there was a problem with the main power tubes, but can't rule that out as a possibility either.  It's up to you as to whether you want to get in as deeply as checking and replacing tubes, and I understand completely if you don't as on a new amp you really shouldn't have to.  The best course of action beyond checking all tubes are properly seated and reflashing the amp's firmware is indeed to return it to GC if neither of those steps work for you.



Re: DT50 smoking (mine too!)
by JVL777 on 2011-01-05 10:43:17.4400

OMG - this is too strange. I just received my DT50 112 today, went home on lunch to check it out and no more than 5 minutes later I lose all the low end in my tone, then no guitar sound, then a loud hum followed by a fairly loud fizzling sound, like lighting the fuse of a firework. So much smoke started coming out of the unit that I brought it outside afraid my house was going to burn down. Several minutes passed by before the smoke stopped. This is unfortunate, because I was planning to transition from high end boutique amps to my HD500 with DT50 and JTV59, which is on order. I hope these are rare occurrences. I gig weekly and need something reliable. I've never had this kind of experience with Line6 gear, but suffice it to say I'm a bit rattled. I bought this one from Same Day Music due to a special invitation only sale. Now they're out of 112s so I agreed to upgrade to a 212 for the replacement. I'll keep my fingers crossed that lightning won't strike twice (or three times if you count getstrat's experience).

Re: DT50 smoking (mine too!)
by getstrat on 2011-01-05 17:17:34.3670

That doesn't make any sense that a retailer (online or otherwise) would be breaking the factory seal, removing the product from it's packaging, and plugging the unit in  to make sure

that the unit is operational. Who would have the qualifications to do such work??  The person testing the unit would have to have an understanding of the unit that defies logic he would have.  Given the amount of boxes that a retailer ships out every week, there is no way that the unit would be quality tested at the point of sale. That is a job for the factory crew and indeed the factory crew should have multiple "ok's" during a product's assembly before being moved on to the next stage of assembly.

I am  suggesting that Guitar center will happily sell you the broken unit they received in return the day before.  Very few  there really care  about the customer, not to mention the ordeal that is required to return something as heavy as a DT50!  I am also suggesting that quality control must be something that is very hard to stay on top of. I have learned that there really is no such thing as coincidence. The reason I had two faulty units is because the Chinese factory where they are made produces shoddy workmanship. Too bad. Yeah it's cheaper BUT is it better?

It is time to leave the Chinese in the dust.  There are amps being made that have no such issues. Buy from those manufacturers instead.  I guess it's also time to leave Guitar Center

in the dust as well.  The ethics required to return faulty merchandise to the manufacturer is clearly not present.  Ever wonder why Guitar center has 2 prices for these units?  One price is the new price for a factory sealed  product.  The other price is for a used unit.  How could a very new product like the DT50 have a "used" catagory?  Perhaps JLavazzo simply had the

smoking unit I or someone else had earlier returned.


The saddest thing about all this is that when it was working (before the smoke), I could see that the DT50 was GREAT.  I loved everything about it. Great great great sounds

with very little effort. Fantastic!! The 2 channels, the pull out volume knob, the modern high gain channel: all fantastic.

Now I have to sit in a hot tub of water for the workout I received lugging not one but 2 DT50's back to Guitar center.

Re: DT50 smoking (mine too!)
by JVL777 on 2011-01-05 17:45:25.9330

Funny (not really) that you say that. My box looked kind of beat up, appeared re-sealed as did the large plastic bag that surrounds the amp. I'm not convinced it was factory fresh. Oh well. Still waiting on the call tag from SDM and the replacement. To SDM's credit, they pay the return shipping and the shipping on the new unit. I sure hope confidence can be restored. The 5 minutes I had with the amp definitely had tonal promise! The concept is brilliant if it can be reliable.

Re: DT50 smoking (mine too!)
by Rowbi on 2011-01-06 00:51:10.6180

while I'm not saying it wasn't a manufacturing fault... if it's been out in a store being messed with by a shop monkey and general members of the public who have no idea how it's meant to work... there's a chance it could have been run on totally the wrong speaker load... and the output transformer could have gone... they smoke when they  blow!  I've lost count of the number of amps I've seen in music stores with the speaker load plugged into the wrong load on the amp... and shop monkeys who haven't a clue that it's important to get it right with tube amps... there's obviously lots of shop workers who do understand this stuff and are a credit to the industry...

also could have been a tube that went pop, and took the PT or OT with it.  either are possible.

anyway my point is that I don't think this is representative of the amps just yet.  line 6 will certainly check over those faulty amps when they get them back...

fingers crossed for your next unit... they're awesome sounding for sure.



Re: DT50 smoking (mine too!)
by JVL777 on 2011-01-08 05:49:18.2110

Here's an update. I recieved the new amp, a 212 this time. I get it home and decide this time to ensure all the tubes are completely seated. I turn on the amp and get no sound from the guitar input. In disbelief I plug a cable into the effects return and that seems to be OK, so I turn my attention to the preamp tubes. After replacing them with some others I had on hand the amps comes to life. I soon realize that one of the tubes I installed was microphonic, so for the heck of it I re-install the original EH 12AX7s and magically they work.

I think - and hope - that the moral of the story is that tube amps get banged around quite a bit during shipment, and there's probably something to be said for not just verifying the tubes are seated, but actually removing and re-installing them, which perhaps cleans a sketchy connection or two of the multiple tube pins.

I flashed the amp last night with the update and kept the amp powered on for a few hours and so far it has worked consistently. I'll be giving it a pretty good high volme break in session tomorrow when the family's out, and have a string of gigs for the next three weeks. I'm keeping my fingers crossed the amp is realiable. Seems really well built and the heft alone leads me to believe there are some high quality components inside, so I'll remain optimistic.

Thanks all

Re: DT50 smoking (mine too!)
by Guitarathome on 2013-04-11 17:56:35.0480

I just purchased a used DT50 1x12 from GC and got to play it about 15 min. at room volume before smoke started boiling out around the OT side I quickly unpluged it and ran it outside becuse it was only getting worse even after I unpluged it, and I thought it was about to burst into flames. Well I can say for that 15 min. it was the best sounding amp I ever had. I geuss I may try another one, but I am really unsure of the quality now.

Thanks for listening

Re: DT50 smoking (mine too!)
by silverhead on 2013-04-11 18:53:08.2960

Please contact Line 6 directly, either by phone (see Contact Us button at the foot of this page) or by opening a support ticket (see Contact Technical Support under the Support tab at the top of this page). Your problem is likely covered under warranty.

The information above may not be current, and you should direct questions to the current forum or review the manual.