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POD HD400 issue with tube amp
by ykza5 on 2010-12-31 08:33:20.9320

Hi, I just bought a crate 50watts all tube amp (V50-112), and I plugged my podhd400 to it. The thing is if I plug it on the front every time I switch presets makes a click sound, like me stomping on the pedal sounds through the amp (don't know if thats the way to say this sorry for my english)

If i plugged on the back on the effect loop (of the amp) as pointed in the amplifier's manual the thing gets really loud even if p0ut the volume of the pod to 50%, and im afraid that it might hurt the tubes.

This is the first time I own a tube amplifier so I pretty much know nothing about how they work with pedalboards.

If anyone here can point me to where to plug the pedalboard (front or effects loop) or a way to adjust the pedalboard so it doesn't hurt the tubes (because they're really expensive where I live)

Also if I plug the pod through the effects loop of the amplifier all the distortion of the preset (a metal one that i made and that sounds ok on the front) goes away and it stays clean. if I plugged on the effects loop for some reason i have to push the drive of the pod to the max to get a bit of distortion.

Already test it with my two guitars and its the same on both.

LTD with emg 81 and 85 humbuckers zakk wylde version

Dean Vendetta 7 string with Dimarzio D activators neck and bridge.

thanks in advance

RE: POD HD400 issue with tube amp
by darealagentp on 2011-01-06 08:51:56.5110


There are several things to be aware of about the HD400 output options.

There is a "trim knob" labelled Master Volume. Be aware that this is a very important and dynamic volume output control for the HD400's output signal. Y

*You will be using this knob to adjust the overall output to your amp. Please be sure to not have it at 100% when starting off; set it to 1/2-way and then gradually turn it up to find the ideal setting. Make sure your expression pedal is set all the way forward (100%) when you're adjusting the Trim Knob value. This will largely depend on the Master Volume setting of your amplifier.

Second: in the UNBALANCED OUTPUT section, note that there is a "Line/Amp" switch. If you run the output of the HD400 into the front of an amp (solid state or tube, doesn't matter), the switch should be set to Amp. If you run the output of the HD400 into the Effects Return jack of the amp, set this switch to Line.

I tested an HD400 through the Effect Return of a Marshall amp a few weeks back. My settings were:

Output Mode: Studio

Unbalanced Output: Line

Master Volume: about 2:00PM or 14:00 position

The only controls on the Marshall that were relevant were Master and Presence. All other preamp/tone controls were inactive, since I was going into the Effects Return jack.



Re: POD HD400 issue with tube amp
by tahwos on 2011-02-12 07:06:41.0760

You may have already fixed your issue, but I'm posting just in case someone else has the same issue.

If you plug the HD400 into the amps effects loop - (not my first choice)

plug your guitar into the amps input jack,

the amps F/X send into the input of the HD400,

then the output of the HD400 into the amps F/X return.

Note - When using with an amp, use the amps clean channel, and set the gain @ around 9 o'clock (if the amp has a gain on that channel). I can't comment on your amp, but, most Crate amps have an attenuating gain structure - meaning that the channel is shorted to ground, the lower the gain is set (zero meaning no output).

The 2 best ways that I have found to hook my HD400 up to an amp, is to -

(1) connect it directly to the power amp inputs of the amp, by-passing the pre-amp altogether. Just make sure to turn the output of the HD400 "ALL THE WAY DOWN FIRST", because the power amp will be at full output.

(2) Connect the output of the HD400 to the F/X return or F/X loop "line in" of the amp, and use a dummy plug in the amps line out, to defeat the pre-amp. The same goes for setting the level on the HD400 to zero, with this method as well, because the amp will be at full volume - use the output level of the HD400 to adjust volume.

The simple way, is to connect the HD400 as if it were just one big stomp box - guitar>HD400>mono out(set to amp)>amp input(High if you have it)>Clean Channel (all tones and gains as plain as possible).

Note - There are 2 basic tone structures in guitar amps - "Boost/Cut" and/or "Passive".

Boost/Cut - If you set all tone controls to zero and still have output, but just plain or bland - set all of them to the 12 o'clock position, for best sound with the HD400.

Passive - If you set all of the tone controls to zero and have little or no output at all, - set all of the controls to between 1 o'clock and 3 o'clock position for best sound with the HD400.

Setting all of the tone controls (on the amp) to maximum with a "Passive" structure is OK too, it just makes it a little harder to manage volume levels.

Setting all of the tone controls (on the amp) to maximum with a "Boost/Cut" structure, will most definitely add distortion to an already "HOT" signal, making it nearly impossible, to get a good sound.

When using the amplifiers main guitar input, with an empty preset on the HD400, with NO EFFECTS, there should be little to no discernible difference in volume level, between having the HD400 hooked up, and plugging the guitar straight into the amp (just like a stomp box) "unity gain".

Note - about guitar amplifiers - The power amp section of the amp, is hard-wired to run at full output - meaning that the volume control in the pre-amp section does not necessarily "Boost" the signal going to the power-amp, it attenuates it, holds it back per se'. So... bypassing the pre-amp section altogether, in effect, makes your POD the pre-amp, thereby removing all other controls, that just make it harder to set up your sound. You can do the same thing with a stomp box - I have plugged a BOSS Metal Zone directly into the sound board at a show, and you couldn't tell, that I didn't have an amp.

P.S. - Don't be afraid to back your gain off on your presets - "10" is there for headroom, and fine tuning - "you may not need it, but it's there, if you do". Just like the gas pedal in your car - yes, it goes all the way to floor, but do you have to put it there, to burn rubber?

Re: RE: POD HD400 issue with tube amp
by VickMcNificent on 2011-04-05 11:28:44.5560

I have a few questions.Let's say in a gig, I have a combo amp on the stage miking into the P.A. What mode should I use to deliver the best sound if i connect to the FX loop of the amp? Because if I use Studio mode then my guitar sound will go through 2 times cabinet and 2 times microphone. I find it sounds better to use Studio output mode than using Live or Dual mode. However the manual says that the Live mode is for connecting my out put in the the amp while the Studio mode is used to connect to computer. What should I do?

P/s: At home, I use a Peavey Rage158 combo amp to practice. I connect HD400 into the CD Input of the amp, which I guess will bypass the pre-amp since the amp has no FX loop. And the distortion sound come from the pod in Live mode is terrible while in Studio mode is more acceptable. Is it because my amp?

Re: POD HD400 issue with tube amp
by JTSC777 on 2013-01-01 22:18:45.8920

That Crate V50 is a great amp! Bypassing the front and using the effect loop/power section is very cool! Put some good tubes in it and a neutral sounding speaker and you will really have something. Mine was working well until some doofus electrician setup a breakout box to power my band at a farmers market gig and we all plugged our gear into 220 volts . Fried my amp beyond repair! Best 199 dollar tube amp I ever had! Good Luck!

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