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Allocating pedals to footswitches on HD500
by chenderson1965 on 2011-01-02 00:32:25.1110


Can someone tell me how I manually assign the FS1-FS4 footswitches to selected pedals in my signal chain? I want to be able to have footswitchable selection of four pedals within each tone, so that I can switch each on and off when playing live.

At the moment, some footswitches seem to get allocated automatically and others dont - with the choice of number of footswitch seeming sometimes rather random. I cant find anything in the manual about this.

Thanks a lot.


Re: Allocating pedals to footswitches on HD500
by Nick_Mattocks on 2011-01-02 02:23:34.8650


In signal chain view (i.e. where you have a graphic of the individual FX, split, mixer amps etc.... - press View several times to see this if it's not already in place), press and hold Enter which should put you into Footswitch Assign mode.  Navigate left and right through all your FX using the 4 way switch to the right of the LCD panel.  Change footswitch assignments by dialing in what you want using the first encoder knob under the LCD.  Return to normal view by pressing View when done.  Save and name your preset in the normal way.  In the blank presets you'll find that some footswitches have already been pre-allocated to FX slots - even empty ones, and this can cause problems with the LED showing up if a footswitch is allocated to a populated FX slot at the same time it's allocated to an un-populated FX slot.  You can assign several FX slots/amp slots to a single foot switch.


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