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Vetta II + Boss RC-20XL FX Loop Noise
by jimdline6 on 2011-01-03 21:26:58.1630

Hi - I recently purchased a Boss RC-20XL Looper box and have it connected throughthe FX loop on my Vetta II.  The problem I'm having is I get a tremendous amount of noise (white noise, not hum) when the FX loop is connected yet the volume from the looper is very low.   I'm also not seeing the peak light on the input of the Looper blinking indicating a reasonable signal level even with the Instrument gain on the looper turned all the way up.

I have tried different cables - no difference.  The FX Loop settings are set as shown on page 4-16 of the Vetta manual (Amp1/L Send + Amp2/R Send set on max, Return Mix 50/50 and Return Gain 0%) Increasing the return gain raises the level of the recorded loop but the noise goes up as well.

When I plug my instrument directly into the looper and then the output into the Guitar input of the Amp I don't get the noise.  It would seem to me that if I could increase the send level to the RC-20XL from the Vetta that I could turn down the Instrument level on the RC-20XL and therefore reduce the amount of noise but I don't know how I can do this.  Another clue might be that I'm using mono TRS cables as the looper doesn't have stereo outputs.

Any help would be much appreciated.



RE: Vetta II + Boss RC-20XL FX Loop Noise
by Line6Hugo on 2011-01-13 16:11:27.0400

It sounds like you may be getting a ground loop hum when connecting the looper in this manner with the Vetta. Please make sure that they are all plugged into the same power strip or circuit. If the noise remains, you should consider getting a ground loop hum eliminator:



Re: RE: Vetta II + Boss RC-20XL FX Loop Noise
by jimdline6 on 2011-01-13 16:44:36.0290

Hi Hugo - thanks for posting a reply.  I was wondering if anyone would ever respond.   The Boss pedal is running batteries and is not plugged in.  Obviously the amp is...   Also, it's not a hum that I'm hearing but more like white noise - the kind you would get if you turned the amp up too high, but it's not turned up hardly at all.   Hopefully this makes sense.   I really don't think your analysis / suggestion is on the mark.  Any other suggestions or ways to trouble shoot this would be appreciated.

Thanks - Jim

Re: RE: Vetta II + Boss RC-20XL FX Loop Noise
by sliding_billy on 2011-01-14 02:37:12.9080

There is a certain (a pretty decent amount IMO) amount of noise inherent in the analog Vetta loop.  This was one of the major bugs being discussed when the decision was made by L6 to stop working on Vetta code.  I suspect you will find a similar amount of hiss with any device in the loop or even simply with a dummy loop cable from the I/O.


Re: RE: Vetta II + Boss RC-20XL FX Loop Noise
by jimdline6 on 2011-01-14 07:45:11.9900

Hmmm...   Good suggestion to test it with a dummy loop.  I have only one external stomp box so I can't test it with others.   Thanks Billy.  I'll report back wwhat I find with the dummy loop.  -Jim

Re: RE: Vetta II + Boss RC-20XL FX Loop Noise
by midimaestro on 2012-05-04 01:06:24.9620

I realise you last posted here back in Jan 2011, but I've only just started using the loop myself and I've got exactly the same I've been trawling the net looking for a solution.  I just got hold of a Boss GT-10 on Ebay and I was hoping to use the slicing, harmony and looping functions via the Vetta's FX loop, but the white noise makes this impossible.  Did you figure out any kind of solution?

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