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Workbench software issues
by bluemyrrh on 2011-01-06 21:45:08.2010

I've updated all the software & firmware to the latest version, however after running Monkey, when re-starting Workbench, workbench is not detecting the usb device

Re: Workbench software issues
by amx05462 on 2011-01-07 00:42:43.2660

one has to wonder  will they ever  get this  right.

Re: Workbench software issues
by bluemyrrh on 2011-01-11 22:20:31.1140

Anything that would get me going in the right direction would be helpful.  I'm curious about the "warning": ...disconnect any and all USB ports when running the Workbench (and/or Monkey?)... is this for real?


Re: Workbench software issues
by amx05462 on 2011-01-12 02:30:21.6400

welll  what  that  is  about  is    believe  it  or  not  sometimes  workbench   wont  work  with  this  plug  but  it  works  with  that  plug so  you  kinda  have to try it    then   plug  into another  one  then  tryit.

why  this  is the  case  your  guess is good  as  mine.  with   any  other  piece  of  software     usb is  plug  in  anywhere  but    i guess they  have  either  fred  flintstone   writing there  program  or    alfred  e  newman(  mad  magazine)  so    you  might  need  to try  a different  hole.   sorry  my  5  am  sense  of  humor  kicking  in.   i went through this   with  my  old   xp lap top.     hit the  right  hole and  everything   was  great, again  sorry  for the   sense  of  humor  but   im  fresh  out of  bed   just  waking up and got a  hour  ride  through  a  major  snow  storm  ahead..  sometimes  this  program  is a bear to get  going.

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