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Spider III, 30W - Channel volume jumps when switching between presets
by toyotacamper on 2011-01-10 00:55:51.5750

Every time that I switch between the 4 presets (clean, crunch, metal, insane), the volume jumps very high. Just a slight movement of the channel volume knob will correct the volume level. This happens with the factory presets, and without (holding insane button at power-up). I bought the amp new about 2.5 years ago, and it has always had this problem. After seeing the same problem being described in a demo video, I assumed that this was a common problem with this line of amps, and foolishly never pursued a fix. I bought the footswitch with the amp, but gave up trying to use it because of the need to adjust the channel volume with every preset change. I've tried restoring the factory presets, but the problem still exists.

The problem is demonstrated in this Youtube demo video at approximately the 1:40 mark:

Can this be fixed?

Am I doing something wrong?

Re: Spider III, 30W - Channel volume jumps when switching between presets
by Greeny64 on 2011-01-10 02:44:06.5340

G'day Timothy,

I have a similiar  issue with my Spider III 75 in that all my custom settings I have saved in the various channels ( overriding the original 9 presets / channel).

Several factory presets I have simply renamed to suit my own use for covers etc.

Others I have modified .

Painfull at present when playing / gigging as the volume is up and down for each song , I have to chase it with the (shortboard) pedal and it screws the whole flow .

I thought that when I have saved these I have had a different setting on the master volume.

Sooo, any knowledge out there where I can possible re-set all these at same volume.???

Failing this I think we will have to try re-save with same master volume setting in another channel (or worse for me start from scratch.)

Thanx for the u tube link I'll check it out


Re: Spider III, 30W - Channel volume jumps when switching between presets
by tbtwo on 2012-04-21 18:48:49.7190

I just thought I'd let you know that I've had the same freaking problem with mine since I bought it.

Nothing makes any sense with this amp.

The tap light will start blinking when that knob is turned off and all of a sudden,I've got a 'tape-echo" sound I did not want.

Change an amp model? The volume jumps goes from 1.5 to maybe 7-8,though I cant really say,because the few times I bothered to try to see what kind of volume potential it might posess,it was uncooperative in going there.

So maybe your thinking, "make it do the volume jump,then adjust down a little"? Hell no.

If you move it a hair ,the volume goes away completely,and you have to hit another model and come back to the original one.

Move the drive knob a hair? All the drive goes away.

Most poorly designed and unusable amp I've ever played through.

It's doubtful I'll buy anything else from Line 6,though I'm assuming they don't care and there's nobody here.

From the looks of the dates on the posts,they run this like an occasional hobby.

I bought this new and from day 1 it was like this.

It's so aggravating,I'll bet it's got about only got 8-10 hours use in 4 years or so.

Closest I've found to a solution,was to turn master down to nothing(almost) and only use the channel,but it still does retarded crap.

At least then...I don't scare the crap out of others in the house.

It's a bedroom amp,that's never been past 3,except for those time when it jumps volume all by itself.If it were heavier,it might be a good place to set drinks, or a plant stand.

I may as well have walked into Guitar Center and thrown 250$ on the ground and walked out.

Thanks a lot.

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