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POD HD500 Bass & Vocal
by zemunac007 on 2011-01-10 17:10:56.8200


I currently own POD X3 and I’m thinking about getting HD500. The thing I love about X3 is that except great guitar, it has also predefined bass and vocal presets. I was watching clips and tutorials about HD500 but I can’t find that anybody is using this unit for bass and vocals. Why?

Is HD500 only meant to be used for guitar and in the future, will you sell separate products for the bass and vocal, like you did in the past, before you have integrated it all in the X3 series. I am novice user, pod X3 is my first unit.

BTW, I love how HD500 sounds, if it have bass and vocal possibilities I will buy it for sure.

So, can you give me some answers about my dilemma?

Thank you for your help

Re: POD HD500 Bass & Vocal
by silverhead on 2011-01-10 17:20:30.9800

The HD series does not offer specific preamps for vocals or acoustic guitar. It offers one bass amp - the Fender Tweed Bassman. However, many users have obtained good acoustic guitar tones on the HD500 (less so on the 300/400). There certainly isn't the range of support for vocals, acoustic and bass guitars (no presets)  in the HD series that there is in the X3 line.

The HD seems designed primarily for the electric guitarist in a live (rather than studio) situation. The amp and FX tones are excellent - way better than the X3. But it simply does not do everything the X3 does. While there may be product upgrades in the future nothing is guaranteed and I wouldn't advise buying any product on speculation that it might do something more/better in the future. If strong support for vocals, acoustic and bass guitars is very important to you I suggest you keep your X3 until and unless the HD series provides it directly.

Re: POD HD500 Bass & Vocal
by zemunac007 on 2011-01-11 00:53:57.5120

Thank you, you helped me. I will keep my X3 for the time being

Re: POD HD500 Bass & Vocal
by silddx on 2011-11-17 09:23:29.3210

Yes, me too.

Re: POD HD500 Bass & Vocal
by Sean_Clarke on 2011-11-17 12:55:49.0820

Bass and Vocal presets now added in firmware 1.4

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