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Latency issues driving me crazy!
by colescarmusic on 2011-01-11 18:49:13.0970

OK, so I've been using my Toneport UX1 for years now and man I couldn't be happier with my purchase. I recently bought a new computer, a Dell XPS 9100 I7, which is much more powerful than my last system. Since hooking everything up to the new PC, I have developed quite a latency problem. Before, the sound I would hear was instant, as it would be from an amp. Now, it is about half a second off. Incredibly frustrating. I spent hours today trying to solve this problem. I uninstalled and reinstalled, I updated everything. I do not know what the problem is. If anyone could help me, I would be very greatful.

Please help me get back to recording!! I'm losing ideas to this issue!

Re: Latency issues driving me crazy!
by redlogic on 2011-01-11 20:00:19.6430

Have you tried lowering the buffer size?

Re: Latency issues driving me crazy!
by colescarmusic on 2011-01-16 17:52:36.5730

Yes. I've tried everything. Sounds perfect except that the sound is now about 3/4 a second behind. I've tried everything I could think of. Kinda hard to play or record with a constant delay like that. Not sure if it is pointless and I should get some other newer hardware or if there is something I can do or something I'm missing. Loved playing through my UX1, have been for years. Old computer had probably 50 user tones I will miss. Starting from scratch on a new pc was bad enough I thought, but now I am having problems left and right. I don't blame Line 6, it just sucks when you splurge on a $1400 desktop and programs that worked on my 6 year old Dell do not function properly on my new kick ass pc. Frustrating. ITs all good. With your forums and trial and error I am determined to get this thing going.

Re: Latency issues driving me crazy!
by silverhead on 2011-01-16 18:17:06.9580

Forgive me for asking the basic question, but you don't mention.........

How are you monitoring your sound? You should be using your UX1 to monitor - connect your headphones/speakers to the UX1, not your computer.

Re: Latency issues driving me crazy!
by mdeisenr on 2011-01-16 23:11:46.5020

Since you were using this interface for some while now, this might be a silly question, but...

Are you using direct monitoring and  selected correct drivers in your daw?

As you had to re-install your daw on the new machine, some parameters might have changed.

Maybe your daw picked some standard drivers or used software monitoring.

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