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POD HD 400 dual output setting
by tonealtfo on 2011-01-13 08:50:37.1400


I own POD HD 400 and DT50 amp (head).  I do not think the "dual" output mode setting on POD works as described in the manual.  My understanding from POD HD manual is that the "dual" setting will send a studio (mic'd cab) signal to right outputs and the "live" cab signal to the left outputs.  My experience is as follows:

When POD HD output mode setting is on "studio" the balanced outs direct to board sound very good, like a mic'd cab as described in manual.  No issues here.

But when output mode setting is switched to "dual" position the output of both balanced outs is identical and it is NOT the same as the tone achieved when output mode is set to "studio".  The tone is thinner and ratty sounding (but not as thin or ratty when output mode is set to "live" as would be expected.)  Again, there is absolutely NO difference between the right and left outputs as described when in "dual" output mode.  That is to say, the split between the mic'd studio cab and the live cab is not achieved at the left and right outputs as described.  Finally, there is also a significant (4 to 5db) reduction in output at the balanced outs when switching from "studio" to "dual" output mode.  Compensating for the volume dcrease does not eliminate the thin, ratty tone.

As regards the DT50 connected via Link6 to Pod HD 400.  There is no difference between the "dual" and "live" output modes.  I achieve the exact same tone at the DT50 speaker in either output mode.  This is correct as per the manual.  Also, there is no volume drop at DT50 when changing output mode from among the three possibilities (studio, dual, live).

What gives with the "dual" output mode and the POD outputs?  I expect the right balanced (or unbalanced for that matter) out to give me the same tone and volume when output mode is on the "dual" setting as when on the "studio" setting.  Is this a software issue or possiblly a hardware issue with my particular POD?

Must say the POD connected to the DT50 via Link6 with the ability to make analog switch changes at the amp from the POD is killer.  I'm getting the wide variety of tones I need, but I sure would like to take a stereo mic'd cab tone from the POD balanced outs to the board at the same time that I'm using the DT50 via Link6.

Look forward to hearing from you.


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