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RE POD XTLive and James Tyler Variax JTV59
by ghoffman on 2011-01-15 15:55:27.8960

I have a Pod XTLive that I have been using with a Variax 300.  The XTLive also switches models on the Variax depending on the Bank selected.  I recently purchased a JTV59-CSB and cannot get Line 6 Edit to recognize the JTV.  My Pod XTLive does not change models on teh new JTV.  How do I get the Pod XTLive to work with my new JTV?  Thank you.

Re: RE POD XTLive and James Tyler Variax JTV59
by ghoffman on 2011-01-18 07:06:47.8200

This is an update to my issues with the new James Tyler Variax Model 59 and my Pod XTlive.  First with regard to the JTV59, I am having the switch issue that many others have reported.  Thr three way switch quits working after a short time either using battery power and connected straight to an amp or going through the XTLive using the Variax VDI cable.  Basically the guitar quits having the ability to change models.  Also when I connect throught the XTLive, the XTLive no longer control;s the guitar.  However when I plug in the old Variax 300, everything works perfect just like it always did.

It has been suggested that I contact LIne 6 to see when or if an update to the firmware for the XTLive will be posted (I have it currently updated through Monkey).  Also I need to know if Line 6 Edit will be updated to recognize the JTV59.  The early reports from Line 6 describing the JTV indicated that it would work with the existing PODs inclucing the XTLive.  I neeed to know if this is true.  If not I may have to return the JTV since I do not want to be forced to spend another $500 for a HD500, when I can just as easily keep using the 300 and the XTLive.  I would also like an update from Line 6 on the model switching issies with the JTV.  $1200 is a lot to spend on a new guitar that does not work as well as my $300 Variax 300.

Please someone from Line 6 answer these questions.  Thank you very much

RE: RE POD XTLive and James Tyler Variax JTV59
by ricksox on 2011-01-25 10:04:31.9900


We're working on resolving some Line 6 Edit issues including Windows 7 and Snow Leopard 64 bit compatibility but I have not heard any mention of JTV support being added to Edit. I'm not saying it's not going to happen, I just don't know. I'll look into this a bit more.

In regards to the 3 way switch on the JTV59, if you have not already seen this thread I suggest you add yourself to it so we can get a support ticket going for you.


Re: RE: RE POD XTLive and James Tyler Variax JTV59
by ghoffman on 2011-01-26 06:59:35.1890


Thanks for the honest reply.  If Edit probably will not be updated to work with the JTV, what about Gearbox?  Gearbox recognizes the JTV if you are using an X3Live.  Maybe Gerabox could be updated to work with the XTLive and the JTV.  If neither will be updated do I need to go into Edit and disable the control of the Variax by the XTLive?  Of course this would mean that I could not use the XTLive to control my Variax 300 and I would be left with the choice of using the XTLive only with the Variax 300 ( and being able to contol the moderls) or the JTV (and not being able to control the models).  Not really a pleasant alternative.

I have had a support ticket for several days with respect to the JTV-59 switch issue as well as a request for the wrench set which was not included with my JTV.  Any estimate of when I will get the authorization to return my JTV to replace the switch and also an estimate of how long it will take to get it back in good working condition?

Thanks for the reply.

Re: RE: RE POD XTLive and James Tyler Variax JTV59
by Line6Hugo on 2011-01-26 09:07:48.2470

I would consider Gearbox to probably be in the same boat as Edit as Line6Miller talked about above.

When you have your JTV-59 connected via VDI to the PODxt Live, go into the Edit Menu and scroll to the last page showing which Variax Model is currently selected.  Select the guitar model you would like to use and save this setting to the preset.  Make sure that you have Variax enabled in this setup.  Also, ensure that both the PODxt Live and the JTV guitar are updated to the latest flash memory versions.

I was able to save JTV guitar guitar models (not magnetics) to the presets of the PODxt Live I tested so that they were called up as I saved them.

Please see your open support ticket that I have issued you concerning your JTV-59.



Re: RE: RE POD XTLive and James Tyler Variax JTV59
by ghoffman on 2011-01-26 09:33:09.2240


I will give that a try and report back on this thread.

Re: RE: RE POD XTLive and James Tyler Variax JTV59
by LayneLee on 2011-05-31 10:12:25.6680

For what it is worth, this is what I have learned after a couple of weeks of experimentation and trial and error.

I cannot select a Variax model within Gearbox, "put" the modified patch to the PodXTLive, and then have the PodXTLive call up the guitar model on my JTV-69.  This is a glaring omission by LIne 6 and needs to be addressed.  Yesterday.

I can, however, do as mentioned above ... I can select the guitar model within the "Edit" screen on the PodXT live.  If I do that and save the patch into the Pod as modified, the PodXTLive will change the guitar model on the JTV-69.  (I'm talking about modeled guitars, not magnetic pickups).

I have not yet tested whether you can do the following:   Modify the patch from the edit screen of the Pod; "Get" the patch from the Pod in Gearbox, save it off somewhere on the computer, call it back up later, and then "Put" it to the Pod ... I do not yet know if this will cause the Pod to control the JTV or not.  Will report back later when I get a chance to experiment on that.  If not, something is obviously getting lost in translation between the Pod and Gearbox.

Re: RE: RE POD XTLive and James Tyler Variax JTV59
by LayneLee on 2011-06-25 07:04:19.5450

As a follow up to my previous post, this is what I have additionally learned through more trial and error.  Once you have saved your patch with model as described above, you can then "get" the patch to Gearbox and save the patch as part of an x3m bundle.  Later, if you call up that bundle and "put" it to your Pod X3 live, it will control the variax model on your guitar.

However, you cannot apparently save the patch separately as an .l6t file and later have that file call up the variax model.  If you can, I haven't figured out how to do it yet.  Apparently, the variax model information is not currently saveable into an .l6t file.  If anyone knows otherwise, please advise.  In the meantime, I will have to use .x3m files only to save variax model information with the patches.

Re: RE: RE POD XTLive and James Tyler Variax JTV59
by schulze-j on 2012-05-06 10:29:12.7420


I know how old this thread is - is there still anybody out there? - but my JTV is new and so are my problems.

I learned you have to edit all sound setting manually on the PODxt live and on the POD X3 pro (which I both own) to get your expensive gear from one and the same company to work together. That's bad enough, but did anybody try to edit a patch to work with the JTV and then use a Variax 500 (or a guitar of that generation) to use that patch? Does it work?

Thanks for your help.


Re: RE: RE POD XTLive and James Tyler Variax JTV59
by silverhead on 2012-05-06 12:13:20.8420

I suggest you create a new post for your question - you will get more responses as opposed to resurrecting an olf thread with a different title/question. You should probably post it in the JTV support forum:">">

Re: RE: RE POD XTLive and James Tyler Variax JTV59
by thierrylanger on 2012-11-16 13:27:29.1980


I'm in the same situation: New JTV59 and old Variax 500 (love both of them),

Vetta 2 Combo, PODxt live and POD X3 pro. Whereas with the V500, all is

working fine, I had some troubles getting the JTV be controlled by the PODs

(Vetta 2 recognizes the JTV as Variax Acoustic -> a flash update would be

great here ...)

What I learned so far, from reading forums and from own trial and error experiments:

You can edit POD X3 pro patches to control EITHER the JTV OR the V500.

If, in a patch, the 500 has been designated, the JTV will not be able to 'read'

and switch to the selected guitar model, and vice versa: if a JTV model has been

stored, the V500 will not be able to 'read' it and set herself to the corresponding

model. So, I assume, you need to create two bundles manually, and upload them

to the X3 according to your choice of input guitar.

Or is there another way to solve that problem?

Help from Line6 would be appreciated ... how about a flash update?



Re: RE: RE POD XTLive and James Tyler Variax JTV59
by TomR00 on 2012-11-18 09:58:48.5000

I too have an XTLive and just bought a JTV. I knew these problems exist between the XTLIve and the JTV for me this isn't a huge problem but is a PITA, I don't gig anymore anyhow. And I will probably eventually buy a POD HD500,

I don't think this is going to be updated though either. Unfortunately it's just the way things are today, you don't spend more money bringing old products up to current product level, who would buy you new products then. It's all in the numbers, and it's not just Line6, I also own a Motorola Photon 4G smart phone, go Google that once and see another example of product pre-mature product obsolesence.

It's either upgrade or buy someone's else's product.


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