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UX2 Updrade Toneport to PodFarm
by chenderson1965 on 2009-04-18 00:52:38.9910

I'm about to buy a UX2 and have the opportunity to buy a second hand old style (red face plate) version with included Gearbox.

I want to upgrade to PodFarm and it's clear that I can definitely do this by means of the $49 upgrade but in this case I might as well buy a new (black face plate version) with PodFarm included.

I've been trying to find out whether I can upgrade this second hand UX2 to Pod Farm for free but despite reading all over the site can't get clear about whetehr I'll be able to do this.

Other posts in the forum seem to suggest that the free upgrade is only possible if the version of Gearbox on the UX2 was purchased as a separate plug in but I don't understand this for two reasons:-

1) Why would anyone with a UX2 that came packaged with Gearbox buy it again as a plug in?

2) My mate who has an old (red face plate) version said that he upgraded to PodFarm just fine from the Gearbox version that was packaged with the hardware (he never bought any Gearbox plug in).

Can someone please clarify the situation for me?

Re: UX2 Updrade Toneport to PodFarm
by Rowbi on 2009-04-18 02:48:27.4310

it's going to be hard to clarify as there are so many different versions.  toneport di silver and gold bundles come with the gearbox plugin, and different sounds (model packs).  the standard toneport which you have comes with gearbox editor free, and you can download the standalone version of pod farm for free (downloads link at the top of this page).  so download it and try it out now.

if you're talking about the gearbox plugin, well like I said the toneport DI versions of the old toneport did come with the GB plugin, but those versions cost more than the standard toneports.

so onto your q1: the standard toneport UX2 did not come with gearbox plugin as standard, it comes with the free gearbox editor.  they are different.

q2: sounds to me like he just bought the pod farm plugin... it wasn't an upgrade to gearbox that he already owned.  it's an extra license.

hope this helps


Re: UX2 Updrade Toneport to PodFarm
by AParedes on 2009-04-20 15:00:39.7250

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Re: UX2 Updrade Toneport to PodFarm
by timhortonz on 2009-08-12 11:59:26.3660


I've got a question too about the toneport UX2

I already own the tone port UX2 ( the red one )  and I would like to try Pod Farm ...

My question is ... If I download Pod Farm  will I lose gearbox  or  I would be able to use both softwares ?

Cause I like geabox as I'm used to it


Hope to have a quick answer on this ...

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