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Considering switch to monitor/stage speaker
by eanon on 2011-01-16 16:43:18.7250

I just realized some cheap halfway decent stage monitors (12" Kustom, etc.) can be head for a little over a $100. 

Currently I'm using a combo amp through the power amp input.  It seems like my sound may even improve, and I can sell this other amp.

Thoughts?  Anyway switch from a combo amp to a wedge monitor?  I could also discontinue my use of the Combo Amp setting and switch back to Direct/Studio.

Re: Considering switch to monitor/stage speaker
by silverhead on 2011-01-16 18:03:00.7010

If the monitors are self powered that should work great. Otherwise you'll need to power them somehow.

And of course if you want to hear any stereo output from the Pod you'll need two monitors.... but yes, Studio/Direct through FRFR monitors sounds great.

Re: Considering switch to monitor/stage speaker
by phil_m on 2011-01-17 14:20:36.3130

Well, there's nothing wrong with playing through various types of monitors, but, personally, I don't know that as an electric guitarist I'd ever want to be completely amp-less.  I've played direct, and it's fine, but there are many times where I've played where I'd be up the creek without a paddle if I didn't have an actual amp with me.  I guess I still consider an amp a pretty indispensable tool of the trade for a guitarist who plays in different venues on a regular basis, especially where you don't have any idea what the sound system will be at said venues.  It's like a 9-iron in golf.  It might be possible to play without it, but there are times when you find out you really need it.

Re: Considering switch to monitor/stage speaker
by Hey_Joe on 2011-01-17 15:52:32.4140

I just got one of those from Musicians Friend for $99.99. I had just traded my JBL EON 315 powered PA and some other stuff in for my HD 500 because I was just using the FOH. Once I got rid of the EON I was sorry I had, even though I never used it. I briefly tried the Kustom KPC12 the day I bought it at bedroom level but haven't used it at gig volume. I know it must not sound as good as the JBL because there is no cross over but at least when I need something FR/FR I have more than a combo on hand. Hopefully soon we will have the ability to run XLR Out together with 1/4" Out on the 500.

Did you get one of the Kustoms?

Re: Considering switch to monitor/stage speaker
by mrasmodeus on 2011-01-17 16:09:28.6650

I've recently switched from going into a half stack to a powered PA speaker (Mackie TH-15 Thump) in an effort to reduce the amount of gear I lug around, as well as hauling around a full on amp along with the POD seemed like a waste.

If anything I may invest in a small Tech21 Power Engine just in case the sound guy insists on putting a mic in front of a speaker. At worst, our drummer can always use a monitor by his kit to hear me better.

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