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Bass Pod xt Live and Mac OS 10.6.6
by pjpmccarthy on 2011-01-17 20:24:07.2920

What software is available to me to manage patches on my Bass Pod xt Live using a Intel Mac Pro running OS 10.6.6?

It appears that the Pod Edit software will not run under OS 10.6.  Is there different software available or are there plans to update the Pod Edit software to run under 10.6? 

Thanks in advance for any help.

Re: Bass Pod xt Live and Mac OS 10.6.6
by TheRealZap on 2011-01-17 20:38:18.6930

only line6 edit will work... and the issue is apple removed support for the required version of java the older version 1.5

supposedly L6 are working on an update... been a few YEARS since the last update so i wouldn't count on it being soon...

there is a way to get Line6 Edit to work in OSX SL, but it requires a  littlebit of work. Follow these instructions step-by-step, and you  should be fine.

1. Download the Apples official Java Update containing 1.5 from Apples support pages:

2. Download a SW called "Pacifist", and install it:

3. Search for 'Terminal' in Finder, and launch it. Once open, go to folder (copy paste this command):

cd /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions

There, we have to unlink the references to 1.6 version java with the following 2 commands:

sudo unlink 1.5

sudo unlink 1.5.0

(It will prompt for Administrator password on first sudo)

4. Now verify that you do not see the 1.5 or 1.5.0 anymore in the list:

ls -l

If they're not, close the Terminal.

NOTE:  You HAVE to do this, since otherwise when you install the 1.5 package  in Pacifist, it''ll try to overwrite 1.6....and we do not want to do  that

5. Open the Pacifist

6. Click "Open Package" once the timer has stopped, and select the file you downloaded in step 1

7. Browse the folderpath under the path:

Contents of the JavaForMacOSX10.5Update4.pkg/System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions

8. Select the 1.5.0, right-click on top of it while it's highlighted and select "Install to default location". Repeat for 1.5

9. Close Pacifist.

10. Via Finder, go to "Application -> Utilities -> Java Preferences", and drag & drop the 1.5.0 in list above 1.6.0.

11. Done, launch the Line6 Edit!

Re: Bass Pod xt Live and Mac OS 10.6.6
by pjpmccarthy on 2011-01-26 19:57:12.5980


Sorry for the late reply, been a bit busy.  Your instructions worked perfectly!!  I now have Line 6 Edit running on my Mac with SL.  Thanks for the help.


Paul McCarthy

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