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XT LIVE Gain Issue
by jncheekguitarman on 2011-01-24 10:56:42.1850

I bought my XT LIVE approximately 6 months ago.  The unit currently has approximately 50 hours of use.  Approximately 2 weeks ago the gain was dropping from approximately 45% down to zero resulting in a huge drop in volume and tone.  I tried turning my gain back up but the gain would not respond.  I have the same problem with all banks including the factory pre-set banks.  I encounter the same problem everytime I use the unit.  I believe that the electronics controlling the gain knob are faulty and the unit is in dire need of repairs.  This really bums me out because of the price I paid for the unit and because of the way I have babied this unit.  Any ideas or solutions?

RE: XT LIVE Gain Issue
by Line6david on 2011-01-25 11:08:32.9300


Sorry to hear about the issues you are having.

Have you tried connecting the pedal to a computer and reflashing the POD XT Live?

Follow the instructions at the bottom of this page:



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