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Adam Jones (Tool) Sound?
by ux2slag on 2011-01-26 13:20:52.2890

I haven't been able to find any sound settings/tones for Adam Jones from Tool. Does anyone know where I can find this for the UX2/Podfarm? Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Re: Adam Jones (Tool) Sound?
by tlnabbs_019 on 2011-10-31 18:16:26.7830

I have a UX1 but for adam jones sound I use the Spinal Puppet guitar amp with the Weeper Wah. also with the compressor and noise gate and it sounds pretty damn close to any of the tool songs that I play. I play lateralus, schism, rosetta stoned, jambi, eulogy, ticks and leeches, and many more and it sounds well

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