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Line 6, will we EVER get new effects?
by myluciddesign on 2011-01-29 14:23:26.4560

It's been over a year since an update was released for the m9/m13 that included any new effects or features. Being that a new update was just released that only corrected problems rather than introducing anything new, should we all assume that there will be no further updates for features and effects?

I've been reading these support forums for a year and I've seen a multitude of feature requests, and Line6 always recommends that the user submit a feature request, but I ask this, what good is it to do that if there will never be any change?

Thanks for your time. I love my m13 and truly want to see it expand even further before the inevitable m13 mkII.

Re: Line 6, will we EVER get new effects?
by bigjohnny69 on 2011-01-29 14:44:00.2110

I agree with you bro. I think it's time for Line 6 to do sth more for the owners of M13, or they have to admit that they won't support this product any more, in favour of the HD product line. Actually i was expecting that the new 2.04 update would have some new features, but no......

Best to all M13 users

Re: Line 6, will we EVER get new effects?
by phil_m on 2011-01-29 15:01:59.6060

Um, why would you think they aren't going to support the product anymore?  Especially right after they release an update?  I don't know about their plans for new effects, but I would expect them to expect the M-series for quite a while yet.

One thing to consider is that the new POD HDs use the same effects as the M-series pedals now, and they just came out.  So the fact that both product lines are using the same code base probably means exciting things are in store for both.  I know it's just speculation on my part, but I don't think they're abandoning the M13.

Re: Line 6, will we EVER get new effects?
by jpdennis on 2011-01-31 12:23:55.2360

+1, Phil

Re: Line 6, will we EVER get new effects?
by kwood on 2011-01-31 14:29:34.8710

wow....i dont know how you guys got bored with all the cool stuff in the M13 already

im always finding new sounds and new way to use sounds everytime i play with my M13

if they decide to release new effects....awesome...if still in love with this pedal and a very satisfied customer

Re: Line 6, will we EVER get new effects?
by guitarman3001 on 2011-12-06 12:10:13.2740

The only thing I'd really like to see on the M13 is some kind of global EQ so that I can use different amps without having to create all new patches with different tone settings.  Some new distortions would be cool too but a global EQ would make it pretty much perfect for my needs. Oh, and a global reverb too....but that may be asking too much.

Re: Line 6, will we EVER get new effects?
by jpdennis on 2011-12-06 16:04:13.5620

Just a thought.  I sent a request to the link Line6 R&D/Support provide for this type of stuff.  Specifically I identified the Zoom A2 and asked for the Dobro, 12 String, and Classical guitar FX model.  I am thinking that everyone who has spoken about prodect enhancements and improvements in this thread should send their requested directly to that division.  I am sure that, as Phil pointed out, the HD series would benefit as well.

While there could be a year between any of the suggestions finding their way to a new flash, there are also some problems I have read about with several of the M13 boards out there.  So if the requests go straight to R&D and the Line6 crew work in tandum with a updated flash for some of the problems they are attempting to replicate in support we might get a pleasant surprise.  Couldn't hurt!


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