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HD147 keeps cutting out!
by JoePoma on 2011-01-31 22:04:08.9640

Had the amp for a couple of months. It started cutting out at practice the other day. Now it cuts out at start up. I've swapped speakers, guitars, cables, anything I can think of.

and it all points to the head. I don't loose power or presets just no sound coming out of it!

After searching the web, and reading thru the forums, it seems this is not an isolated instence. seems allot of people have had this problem, but nobody seems to post what they had changed to fix the problem.

Is there a problem with the Line 6 boards?

Re: HD147 keeps cutting out!
by JoePoma on 2011-03-02 12:48:46.6350

Still waiting for the repair shop. They think it may be the power supply.

Re: HD147 keeps cutting out!
by sjeffrey69 on 2011-05-02 03:51:13.1400

My HD147 wasn't cutting out but just had no sound what so ever. Had it fixed and it was the Power PCB, it was fried big time. the Power PCB and the heat sink were both changed and its sweet sounding now. The problem is people use this amp with a cab that can't handle it, wattage wise, My Melodic death metal band (i have to describe, i'm a band whore) we both have HD147's. the other guitarist was using his through a cab rated at about 150w and after 20mins his head was hot, when i got mine back i played it for about four hours through a marshall jcm900 1960 lead (rated 280 watts) set to 4 ohms mono and the head was still cool as a cucumber to touch. When you play the head through a lower rated cab the power amp can't send enough power through to the cab (even when the impedence is set the same) so the power amp starts getting a build up of watts (so to speak of - not proper tech speak) and it starts to cook the power amp. Check the wattage rating of your cab to see if it can handle the head. I know people say "just don't crank it" or "just drop the impedence" it still will have an effect on the head if it can drive the speakers in your cab fully

hope this sort of helps

Re: HD147 keeps cutting out!
by tlumok on 2012-03-03 05:33:45.4060

beleive or not, seems to be just bad cable.. i am not new to guitar amps but this.. i feel like an idiot after switching the guitar cable no problem anymore at all.. just me stupid, for long time!

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