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Grounding issue after switch repair
by sesmls2 on 2011-02-01 06:50:00.4080

Now that my switch has been repaired, I've noticed that there is a ground loop when using my magnetic pickups -- they hum noticeably, and the hum is worse when touching the metal ring around the switch, the input jack, or the pickup adjusting screws.

Not only did Line 6 ignore my written note included with my guitar on the last repair (I requested the allen wrenches I never received, and also asked the guitar be shipped to my workplace rather than risk it being stolen off my porch), but now I've got an issue that renders the magnetic pickups not useable. 

Can you tell I'm losing my patience?

Re: Grounding issue after switch repair
by laelamiles on 2011-02-01 13:34:32.9710


Line 6, please confirm that the new batch of 59's with the switch fix won't have this same problem.

Re: Grounding issue after switch repair
by lowsco on 2011-02-01 14:19:55.9490

That's the worst possible scenario, I can't believe that Line 6 allows these things to happen after such an embarrassing product launch. One would have expected the JTV repairs to be dealt with as if they had a bright red VIP tag. Probably not, wrong switch tip colors, grounding issues, ....I wonder what's next?

Re: Grounding issue after switch repair
by MartinHines on 2011-02-02 07:00:51.6320

I would sugggest calling Line 6 at (818) 575-3600.  Given you have already returned the guitar once, it is probably faster to call them to talk to the same person who handled your original repair.

Re: Grounding issue after switch repair
by Line6Hugo on 2011-02-02 09:17:20.4500


We have spoken by phone and per our conversation we are working to resolve your unique issue as swiftly as possible.



Re: Grounding issue after switch repair
by sesmls2 on 2011-02-03 07:19:32.2840

Thanks for documenting our conversation, but you had assured me my problem would be expedited, and I have yet to receive an RMA number.  I had requested that a UPS ship tag be emailed to me, as you all did the first time I sent the guitar back...the woman I spoke to said it would be issued within 48 hours.  I have not received it.

I find it poor form to tell me that my problem will be "expedited", then assure me I will receive followup within a certain amount of time, then not follow up with me, while documenting on your forum that you are taking care of my problem.  Further, I have spent more than enough time waiting on hold on the customer service phone line for someone to pick up the phone between this issue, the pickup switch issue, and the logo loop issue that occurred with my first HD500. 

I have tried to be both patient and understanding, since I've been an avid Line 6 user and advocate of your products since 2002, but I'm beyond that now.  I would like the problem resolved, and would like a call from someone today.  My phone number is in my account information on file with you.

Re: Grounding issue after switch repair
by sesmls2 on 2011-02-05 12:50:23.2410

I feel the need to follow up on my last post and let everyone know what is happening.

Customer service eventually issued a UPS return tag with RMA to get the guitar shipped back.  In the meantime, since I had not received the RMA in a timely fashion, I spoke with Paul Lea at Sweetwater and he agreed to let me return the guitar to them for a new one when they get their next shipment in. 

The next day, I received a call from Line 6's Director of Customer Service, expressing his apologies, and asking me if I would consider allowing them to fix the problem.  He said that he had consulted with engineering, and that I was the first switch repair they did. Engineering believes that in the process of switch replacement, they had forgotten to install a non-conductive shield between the new switch and the conductive shielding paint inside the guitar.  We discussed my need to use the guitar at a gig over the weekend and practice on Tuesday, and he agreed to pickup the guitar next Wednesday, returning it to me before the following Monday. 

His level of response to my issue made me feel much better about my purchase and my recent purchases of Line 6 equipment (among other things, he explained to me that the most recent firmware update to the HD500 seems to fix the logo-loop problem that I and many others have experienced -- this needs to be prominently mentioned on that support forum or discussion group).  I was very impressed, and provided I get the guitar back within the timeframe says, all in good working order, I will once again be an evangelist for Line 6 products with other local musicians I know/meet here in the San Diego area.

I must also give kudos for Sweetwater and Paul Lea of Sweetwater, who really stand behind their customers.  You learn a lot about a company's commitment to its customers when something goes wrong with a purchase, and you see how they handle it.  Sweetwater's response has been top-notch, and while it took Line 6 a little longer to get attention on my problem, their response, now that they are "on the case" has been very impressive thus far.


Re: Grounding issue after switch repair
by Leftzilla on 2011-02-14 09:48:55.7940

I am very glad you posted on the follow up and the satisfaction you received both from Line 6 and Sweetwaters.  You're level of frustration was very easy to see and understand through your posts and I would have felt the same way.  My level of frustration has to do with the availability of the James Tyler Variax (I want one and can't get one-yet!).  I can't imagine waiting for one so long only to have the switch slip up and then the ground problem.  But luckily it sounds like it was handled appropriately by all parties involved.

Re: Grounding issue after switch repair
by sesmls2 on 2011-02-14 22:53:44.1560

Indeed, I received my guitar back today as promised, all fixed. My thanks to Jonathan, Hugo and everyone else at Line 6 Customer Service for really exceeding expectations, and making things right.

Re: Grounding issue after switch repair
by laelamiles on 2011-02-14 23:54:45.9280

Honestly, this is more of a "meeting expectations (just barely, if even at all)" situation than an "exceeds expectations" situation.

Come on, keep it real, they only just now delivered a functioning guitar to you...  there's nothing exceeding about that.

If they had gone above and beyond, you'd maybe be holding a free guitar courtesy of Line6 right now.

Re: Grounding issue after switch repair
by MartinHines on 2011-02-15 04:25:07.2790

Someone would need to give you a brand new $1500 guitar for free to "exceed your expecations"?  You certainly have higher expectations than I do.

I suspect the poster was happy he received a call from the Line 6 Director of Customer Service, which you would not normally expect.

Re: Grounding issue after switch repair
by laelamiles on 2011-02-15 10:39:49.3300

Actually, I was just making a point.  Getting a free guitar is way extreme, but does meet the bar for "exceeding expectations".

Having a broken guitar fixed the second time around does not meet the "exceeding expectations" bar.  At *best* it's in the "meeting expectations" category.

So now that someone has a good and working 59, please, post your review!

Re: Grounding issue after switch repair
by sesmls2 on 2011-02-15 11:55:03.7550

In these days where poor customer service is the norm, any time a company responds pro-actively to a problem, with good communication, and does what they say they will do, I consider it exceeding my expectations.  YMMV. In this case, I was contacted personally by the Director of Customer Service, and he asked that I give them a chance to resolve the problem, which I agreed to reluctantly, with very specific instructions to him about when I expected them to pick up the guitar, and when I expected it to be back in my hands.  He stayed in touch with me every step of the way, and Hugo also kept me informed on the progress, asking if there was anything else that I would like them to look at.  Before I even mentioned it, he informed me that they had made an adjustment to the push-knob switch on my Variax, which seemed to require a very firm, hard push to activate -- it now functions more easily. 

I realize to some, the above may seem like a small thing, or too little too late, but I have my own business in a service industry, and I believe that when things go wrong with a customer, there's a moment of opportunity to make something better of the situation, if you handle it with sincerity and focused attention.  As I said previously, although it took awhile to get their attention, once they were engaged, the people at Line 6 were very pro-active from there on in about making sure the issue got resolved and I was satisfied with the outcome.

Regarding the switch tip, to me this is a minor issue, since the pickup rings are black and there are other black highlights on the guitar.  I did ask them about this.  Hugo said that the initial shipment of switches they received came in with black tips, and the cream tips they had on hand did not fit the switch.  I have no doubt they will be sending me a cream tip once they have them in hand.

My brief review of the guitar is posted on the other grounding issue thread in the Tyler Variax forum...

Re: Grounding issue after switch repair
by laelamiles on 2011-02-15 11:57:28.1690

Very cool!

Thanks a lot for explaining!  Very nice customer experience.

I'll be sure to request a cream tip if mine comes with black too... on to reading your review!

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