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POD farm 2 standalone: i can't hear anything
by rosett on 2011-02-01 07:36:34.3940

hello, i just bought UX2 and after lots of installing and updating, i got the tuner working properly.

then i noticed that it works as an actual soundcard of it's own (!!) so i got to the options, and got it to record into audacity.

but my problem is that i can't hear anything as standalone, and when i tried it as a plug-in my cakewalk sonar 6 doesn't let me change it's output to my computer's soundcard.

furthermore, i can't plug my headphones into the UX2 directly because i don't have a 1/4 inch plug converter.

see attached file: it's silly that i can record with audacity but i can't hear anything out of sonar. and audacity's software playthrough has horrible latency.

also attached: my audio options. i am very very new to digital recording (my experience in it was only screwing all over the options to stop bluescreening and to get various stuff work, but i'm short on ideas for this one)

how do you get it to output directly with the computer's soundcard? my soundcard is creative audigy series 2.

thanks! -D

Re: POD farm 2 standalone: i can't hear anything
by TheRealZap on 2011-02-01 07:47:07.9000

your expectations are a little wrong firstly...

it will be your soundcard, and you must use it for inputs and outputs... forget the other card... plug speakers into it.. and you should be fine....

this is part of the ASIO specifications and all pro audio interfaces do this... it allows a single hardware clock to control the timing and reduces latency.

audacity is a horrible opensource program... the reason that it works is that it does not support ASIO drivers....

ASIO requires licensing that open source will not pay for....

what this means is that ASIO is rigging your computer to bypass the actual ASIO specifications...

actually depriving you of the high quality device's potential.... but gee great it works...

my advice... get the 1/4" adapter you need... plug your speakers/headphones into the UX and get reaper for free

reaper will cost 40$ to license if you decide to use it... supports ASIO...

and will work forever with or without a license.

Re: POD farm 2 standalone: i can't hear anything
by Rowbi on 2011-02-01 07:47:25.3030

the point is that you dont.

when using your UX2... it IS your sound card.  so the speakers or headphones need to be connected to the UX2's outputs to hear anything.  using it with another sound card (if you can make it work) would introduce a lot of latency, so to keep the latency low, just use the UX2.

if you need adapters, then you'd have to buy them.

also note the analog outputs on the UX2 are balanced or unbalanced line level outputs.  they are also mono, so you need to use both via an adapter for a stereo signal to a speaker system that only has a jack plug (stereo) connection.

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