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Distortion on everything. Hardware related?
by Blackbane on 2011-02-01 16:08:01.1290

I've had this pod for 6 years.

Suddenly, every patch has distortion on it, and no matter how low I set all the inputs (guitar, output, chan volume) or having all of the stompboxes/amp sims off or on.... I get distortion, and the clip signal goes haywire. I've tried multiple guitars, output modes, patch cords... but same effect. Clip signal even on tiny volumes.

I reinstalled the flash and firmware returning to factory defaults... nothing.  I updated all the drivers in monkey and then the Pod... nothing.

any ideas?

i can send you an audio clip of the sound if that gives you any clues. Tell me where to email. .Just to narrow down the problem for you: This is not computer recording related. I play it through my effects loop in my amp (havnt changed guitars/amps in years) but it also is duplicated when I plug it into the computer.thanks a bundle!

RE: Distortion on everything. Hardware related?
by darealagentp on 2011-02-04 14:05:10.6340

Your symptoms indicate a problem in the hardware/mainboard that is affecting the ability of the DSP firmware to process audio correctly. The only solution in a situation such as yours is to have a repair technician diagnose and fix the hardware component causing the issue.

In Canada, most Long & McQuade stores are Line 6 Service Centers. For clarification, you can always give SF Marketing (our Canadian Line 6 Distributor) a call: 514-780-2070 and they can provide more specific servicing info for our Canadian customers.



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