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Is "NO NEWS" Good News?
by billyflash on 2011-02-02 08:53:33.3240

Shame on you Line 6 for getting people excited, plastering the web with videos about James Tyler Variaxs', hard to understand demos with ridiculous noise in the background, a few descent ones here and there, lucky to have one now who post a few, etc, etc, playing it alll up, getting us excited about something way too one has ANY viable information, and putting the reps and dealers at odds with those who not only want one, but purchase in advance only to find out it just keeps getting put back further and further, except of course the ones we now get to watch on the web, left to wonder how did all of these we see and read about get out and then the entire chain of information dries up, i.e last post on Line 6 community about release dates was Jan 13th, 2010. Now nobody is giving us information...." oh, we are still waiting on them"...... You can't even get an American made JT. NOBODY HAS ANY REL INFO other than "oh...we're still waiting on them to come in....Rich said a couple weeks ago, another batch went out last week....don't know where they went, now Rich doesn't even answer questions....shame on on customer service and reliablity for a while.

Re: Is "NO NEWS" Good News?
by MartinHines on 2011-02-02 12:43:24.0510

Line 6 has had some delays that Rich Renken has already posted about.  There currently is a problem with some of the JTV-59 3-way switches in the first production batch which has required Line 6 to design a new switch (for the JTV-59s only).  JTV-US models will start production soon.

These guitars are coming of the production line, and dealers should here some information soon.

I know it is difficult but be patient while the production is ramping up.

Re: Is "NO NEWS" Good News?
by lowsco on 2011-02-02 13:02:16.7810

I think that this chaotic product launch is a very tricky one for the Line 6 bosses to deal with and I feel almost sorry for guys closer to the bottom of the ladder like Rich. I'm sure he will turn up and write something like "Thanks so much for hanging in there guys and thank you for the kind words. I and the whole team at Line 6 appreciates it very much.", but what else can he do? We're in public domain here, they wouldn't admit anything publicly, would they? Clearly it wasn't Rich Renken's choice to be in this embarrassing situation and I think he deserves our support.

A fish always stinks from the head downwards, Line 6 has changed a lot in recent years and I agree, it's a shame. I'm confident that they get everything sorted at the end, but still, I cancelled my JTV-69 order today. I'm not off as such, just prefer to wait a bit longer to make sure the JTV is issue free. I had so much trouble with the older Variaxes and I don't want to go through all this again. I'm just as disappointed as you are, but for now I've got an old reliable Variax 500 that's working just fine.

Re: Is "NO NEWS" Good News?
by billyflash on 2011-02-02 13:24:11.3440

I was doing ok until I read of not one, not two, but after I read the third post of someone who orderd one on for example; Orderd on Dec. 31st, 2010 and received on Jan 4th, 2010 I lost does this happen? How does this happen. I also know there are many others who are further up the paid list than me.....mine @ Sweetwater who are probably seeing double after reading that. They, "Line6" should have waited a little longer before flooding the freaking web with how great the newest Variax technology is and at least let have the whole process a little further than it still "isn't". They are not even shipping American made JT's from Sweetwater?????????, or anywhere else that I know of. Why woud there be a wait at all on the American made instruments? That in itself is not important but I unfortunately have followed this whole thing way too closely and there again, I was doing ok, until I read of several who just decided one day now last month, to order one and within a week....get it....that pisses me off....I ordered in early Dec to try and get ahead at least because of what I read then.....found out after the first release that I moved up from 21 totally pre-paid too 14, now to find out that some have gotten them with NO FREAKING WAIT, and now it looks like MARCH!!! I must go now as I am starting to get a headache.....I have been a VERY LOYAL Line6 CUSTOMER since 2005 and I still own two Variax guitars and play them exclusively through a MKII 112 Bogner....and I am still at the point of reverberating "Shame on You Line 6"

Re: Is "NO NEWS" Good News?
by dalix22 on 2011-02-02 14:22:34.4860

I'm in Canada. I ordered mine in July 2010 and was told this week that delivery would be end of April 2011. Whatever problems caused the delay, I just hope that Line 6 can get them solved and deliver a quality guitar. This is what I'll judge them on.

Re: Is "NO NEWS" Good News?
by billyflash on 2011-02-02 14:51:53.5940

You are far more patient than I and I commend you however, you "Line 6" should not promise this much,this soon, without being able to deliver. Come on, how can you not see the immediate and significant demand for a product that is as advanced as the JT's are, and not give at least a little more thought to the process of both production and delivery. If you can come up with the technology, and you have, promote it in from what I have seen, a rather broad spectrum, with what I saw, all models, none of which displayed any significant issues, and you have,.....and not know that it would absolutely create a firestorm of desire especially on behalf of those of us who have been Variax users myself, for many years.....hoping for a technology advancement, having it out there, showing, talking, bragging at times, and NOT SEE THE POTENTIAL FIRESTORM OF CONTROVERSY that might possibly ensue if you don't have it more ready to be offered than it is now. There again, "Shame on You Line 6".

Now, in my opinion, there is a very real chance that with the Las Vegas style exibition, and demand that has been introduced, the also VERY REAL CHANCE FOR MAJOR PROBLEMS THAT COUlD VERY REALISTICALLY OCCUR WHEN MANUFACTURING, IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY GETS PUSHED TO INCREASE PRODUCTION, THUS VERY POSSIBLY INTRODUCING ASTRONOMICAL QUALITY ISSUES THAT WOULD PROVE TO BE DETRIMENTAL TO THE WHOLE PROCESS. If you thought you had your work cut out for you when you came up with the wonderful advancement in the technology, couple that with many of the already in exsistence issues that at times have plagued this company, whomever comes up with the alternative to the Variax, might just take the lead in the market based on the Las Vegas style controversy accompanied with this "less than poetic" release of this product, only this time what happens in Line6 won't stay in Line 6.

Re: Is "NO NEWS" Good News?
by MartinHines on 2011-02-02 19:51:53.0590


It's not like Line 6 wanted to have product delays, but unfortunately these types of problems can sometimes happen with new technology.  Although the additional wait seems extremely important to people who have pre-ordered, Line 6's primary focus has been to create a great product.  In the grand scheme of things, creating a product that will sell long-term is more important than hitting an original delivery date.

Sometimes things all go as planned with new product development and sometimes they don't.  Line 6 announced the POD HD series and delivered them on schedule without any problems.  Same with the DT amps -- developed and delivered without any problems.  You may not know all the history, but last summer Line 6 ran into some difficulties with the JTVs -- both Line 6 and James Tyler did not like the near-production prototypes that were created.  Line 6 then made some changes to specs and parts suppliers to create JTVs that both Line 6 and James Tyler were happy with.  This was of course unplanned and created the big initial delay.

With regards to your specific order, think about how the order process actually works.  Line 6 receives orders from dealers, not individuals, and then tries to fulfill those orders on a first-in-first-out manner.  The dealer orders may or may not relate to actual customer orders (since most dealers will place orders based on anticipated demand).  Also, dealers place orders for specific quantities of model and color combinations (again in advance of actual demand), and these orders may or may not match eventual customer orders.

You mentioned Sweetwater for example.  From postings on this forum Sweetwater was one of the first dealers to receive JTVs, but they also had a huge number of pre-orders.  Therefore there were a lot of Sweetwater customers whose orders could not be filled from the initial batch they received from Line 6.  Other dealers who placed initial orders with Line 6 did not have as many pre-orders so they were able to fill some customer orders from people who placed an order recently.

Model and color also played a role.  About a week ago, when there were many postings of people waiting for Sweetwater JTV orders, I saw Sweetwater put two JTV-69s (Black) in their Guitar Gallery.  These were sold within a day, but that told me Sweetwater had at least two "extra" JTV-69s in Black in inventory when compared to their customer orders.  At the same time, there were a few people posting here who were (and still are) waiting on JTV-69s in other colors from Sweetwater.

The whole customer orders vs. dealer orders is also complicated by Line 6 production, where they are also trying to predict dealer/customer demand.  In their intial manufacturing run, how many JTV-69s vs. JTV-59s vs. JTV-89s do they produce, and in what colors?

All of these matching-production-to-demand issues iron themselves out over time but occur when a product is first released.

Re: Is "NO NEWS" Good News?
by laelamiles on 2011-02-02 21:46:48.5900

Right, you can readily get the JTV-89.  It's been available for a while now.  With overnight shipping you could have it in your hands the next day.  But then again, who wants an 89?

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