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No flash recognised in Line 6 Monkey
by obotv on 2011-02-03 14:34:25.9450


Just bought a used PODxt Live (used) and had it running fine for a couple days. This afternoon I decided to give it the once over and clean it up as new (so to speak) by updating to the latest firmware and factory reset etc. After performing the reset and firmware update, when i switched it on the sound was very dodgy. It sounded like a very bad and subtle tremelo effect along with a bad cable connection. I switched it off and on again and it just won't fire up now at all. Just a whole load of flashing lights and although the display lights up, there is nothing displayed on it. It won't start in safe mode 1. It will start in safe mode 2 and the sram test states passed; no sounds though.

Line 6 monkey will connect to the unit occasionally and i've tried reinstalling the firmware but to no avail. When Monkey doesn't connect to the unit, my computer crashes and needs restarting (Mac OSX). I have read that reinstalling Flash is another option but when i went to do it, i noticed that firmware has a little green tick next to it but flash has a question mark next to it and i don't have an option to reset/reinstall.

Can anyone shed some light on this. I'm hoping i haven't just bought a donkey of a unit which will end up costing more to get fixed than if i'd gone and bought a new one.

Many thanks


Re: No flash recognised in Line 6 Monkey
by obotv on 2011-02-04 05:03:50.1430

OK, it turns out that after a night of leaving the unit quietly in the corner. I tried again this morning and managed to get the thing to go into safe mode 1. This gave me the option of reinstalling the flash memory. This didn't work!! However, I've just tried it again at work and decided to reinstall the firmware and then have a go at the flash. Hey presto, it is now working. I've not put a guitar through it yet so can't comment on the sound aspect of it but i'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's all back to normal again!!

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