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Sample ToneCore effect code, volume preset already written?
by mcnerney on 2011-02-03 14:56:32.9670

I am a software engineer with DSP experience (though not Freescale's).

I'm interested in the ToneCore DSP developers kit.

Before I buy one, I'd like to look at some sample code.

All the example snippets in the documentation are in assembly language.

Is that the only option for developing DSP code?

My application is on the simple side:  I want to make a glitch/click-free volume preset pedal.

Would I be reinventing the wheel?  I.e. has someone else already developed such an "effect"?

Re: Sample ToneCore effect code, volume preset already written?
by RedPandaCurt on 2011-02-06 06:55:51.5680

Assembly language is the only practical option to develop code for the ToneCore DSP Development Kit.  There is some sample code in the Unofficial ToneCore DDK wiki.

You could build a volume preset pedal by using the tap switch to cycle through six levels set by the pots, with a crossfade or bandlimited step to make it glitch free.  However, that is a steep learning curve for an effect that would use very little of the ToneCore's available DSP, and your signal will always be going through the ADC and DAC.

You might want to consider building an analog pedal instead (or having someone build a custom one).  R.G. Keen has an article with schematics for a six volume preset pedal.

Another alternative would be to find a cheap digital multi-effects pedal that can switch presets without glitching.  If you just wanted to switch volume, you could set up some simple presets with different gains.

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