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JTV 59 Siwtching Problem and Warranty
by rjv100 on 2011-02-04 02:49:29.6100

Well the first week of February has come and is almost over.  Is there any updated information as to when the parts will be coming in.  I am anxiuos to be able to use my new guitar but because of the switching problem the modeling is all over the place.  It keeps changing in the middle of playing. While connecting the guitar to the worklbench is a fix for practicing it does not help at all while playing any gigs. I do not tote around a computer with me to gigs.

Having said that, I really think that Line 6 should extend the warranties on these guitars.  Since they are basically unuseable they cannot be tested for the full warranty period. The warranty should not start until the guitar is in working order and we have the ability to play it for the full intended warranty period.

Re: JTV 59 Siwtching Problem and Warranty
by lowsco on 2011-02-04 09:30:01.0690

rjv100 wrote:

The warranty should not start until the guitar is in working order.

+1  ....I couldn't agree more, but it would be difficult to define the actual start date or that point when the guitar is actually working and Line 6 will definitely not like this idea as they could end up losing money with this exercise. Once the switch issue is fixed, there might be something else coming up. Well, actually, I think there will be more faults, just think about all the issues with the first Variax. And, apart from being simply disappointing, the embarrassing launch of the JTV is worrying indeed. I just cancelled my JTV order (old price), cold feet, despite my dealer offering me a 4 years warranty for free.

I think your point is more than valid though, but then all the HD500 owners would demand that the warranty should start when all the bugs are fixed. And that could essentially mean that the one year turns into a lifetime.

Re: JTV 59 Siwtching Problem and Warranty
by MartinHines on 2011-02-04 10:48:01.8580

I would not worry about it too much.  Most products will reveal any defects within the first few months.  If you do have a problem before your "adjusted" one year warranty period expires, I would simply suggest contacting Line 6.  They seem to be very understanding.

I bought a used Variax Acoustic 700 two years ago and contacted them about buying a manual and a set of wrenches.  They sent them to me free of charge.

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