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Issue with pod farm 2 for UX8
by timothy2118 on 2011-02-04 22:16:18.1830


I bought a UX8 and registered it, but pod farm 2 (downloaded from your website) will not acknowledge it. Furthermore, I am supposed to get pod farm 2 platinum, but like i said, my install disk is crap. Please give me a good working version of the pod farm platinum 2.



RE: Issue with pod farm 2 for UX8
by Line6Hugo on 2011-02-09 09:55:00.2360


First, you can download the POD Farm 2.02 software for free from the Line 6 website at the following link:

Download an install that version of POD Farm 2. After the install, connect the UX8 to the computer via USB, then, run the Line 6 Monkey program that is installed with POD Farm 2. In the 'Optional Add-Ons' tab of Monkey, click on the Activate Purchase button, and in the box asking for a license key, type in the word:


all in lower case letters and click Activate. This will authorize the POD Farm 2 License to your computer and UX8. Then, close Monkey and launch POD Farm 2.



Re: Issue with pod farm 2 for UX8
by timothy2118 on 2011-02-10 10:33:28.7000

Thanks, I figured it out. the thing that isn't immediately obvious is that the gearbox updater utility is what handles all the upgrades.

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