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Saving Delay Tempo and Note Division per Preset on HD500
by thekrewe on 2011-02-05 07:11:04.4570

I am a long time POD users, but new to the HD500.  I absolutely love the sound improvements I'm getting on the HD500, but am struggling with Preset logistics...specifically around delay tempos.  I have been using a DD-20 where I can dial-in BPM and note division to get, for example, a dotted-eighth pattern at 120 bpm.  I play live with a click, so I really need to dial-in a tempo rather than tap since the tap isn't exact.

My thought was to use a Preset-per-song and save the song tempo per Preset and use note divisions to control the patterns (e.g., dotted-eighth).  However, it looks like you can only use note divisions if you use tap can't save a dialed-in BPM per Preset if you use note divisions.  I know there's a Global BPM setting in Setup, but it looks like that applies to all Presets.

I love the idea of having all beat-synched FX controlled by a single tempo, but it looks like the only way to do a tempo synch is with tap tempo.  I hope I'm missing something here.  Otherwise, this may be a deal-breaker.

Re: Saving Delay Tempo and Note Division per Preset on HD500
by thekrewe on 2011-02-05 09:13:07.6950

I'm been messing with this for a week and, of course, right after I posted the question, I figured out the answer.  For everyone else, you select the Preset where you want to dial-in the BPM and setup the Note Divisions for the desired beat pattern.  Then you go into System Setup=>#6-MIDI/Tempo Options.  Make sure Tempo Sync (knob 3) is set to "PRESET".  Use knob 4 to set the BPM you want for the Preset.  Save the Preset.  The BPM you just set in System Setup will be stored with the Preset.

My mistake was trying set the BPM for the Preset with all the parameter setting stuff for the Preset.  I didn't think you would change a parameter for the Preset under "System Setup".  I'm just glad that it's possible!  Like they say, "it's easy when you know how".

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