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JTV + HD500 Dual Tones
by BrainRadio on 2011-02-05 22:02:57.4370

Anyone been messing around with the dual tones much?

I'm a little confused on how to get say a 12 acoustic sound and the mag pickup sound at the same time and have them both run through different effects chains...

I understand that you choose Variax 1 and Variax 2 for the input source but how do pick both a modeled setting and a mag setting?

There's probably not a way to choose which mags it's using is there? (other than the toggle switch... but doesn't that change the modeled sound too?)

Is it possible to run the two different guitar tones through two different amps and two seperate effects chains??
I'd like to do something like say... a 12 string acoustic guitar (model obviously) panned hard left and a distorted electric (mags) panned hard right... is this possible?

Re: JTV + HD500 Dual Tones
by hey_guitarman on 2011-02-06 23:32:41.3730

According to Rich it is possible with the VDI cable: You can feed the mag pup signal into the amp in the left chain and your model signal into a different amp in the right chain. You just have to pan hard left and hard right.

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