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Reason for LD 175 and 300 being discontinued
by MrBill06 on 2011-02-12 13:56:59.9340

I am currently learning to play the bass, with the goal of playing for my church choir.  I am about to invest in an combo amp.  A local store sales Line 6 Bass amps.  But there largest combo amp is the LD 150.  They told me the 175 was discontinued and can't be obtained.  However, I found a source for both the LD 175 and the 300.

The cost is not insignificant.  So I want to make the best investment.  I am an electrical engineer and understand that any product has a life cycle.  Also understand that parts become obsolete making a product unsupportable.  With that said:

1) are there any technical reasons I shouldn't not purchase the LD 175?  Specifically, known problem that occurs that there were recalls for or service bulletin?

2) Same question for LD 300 (any technical reason not to purchase and any known service bulletins or recalls)?

3) What years were the LD 175 and 300 manufacturing began?  Will there be an issue of parts becoming obsolete which will make the amps unservicable in the coming years?  Mainly, will service centers be able to get the parts to repair?  On one online review a reviewer claims he had a LD 175 that had issues, couldn't get it repaired to his satisfaction and the amp just became a piece of furniture in his living room (don't know if true or not).

Thank you in advance for your response!


Re: Reason for LD 175 and 300 being discontinued
by TheRealZap on 2011-02-12 14:32:47.1080

both models are listed as current and are not discontinued:

there are always going to be people with bad experiences... but i'm on this site alot....

and there are no re-occuring or common issues with either model...

Re: Reason for LD 175 and 300 being discontinued
by MrBill06 on 2011-02-12 18:29:34.4020

I appreciate your response.  I have seen both models still shown on the site.  However, I attempted to purchase a LD300 todfay through a large online dealer; they post that the item is nolonger available.  In addition, the local Line 6 dealer (in central GA) informed me that he could no longer obtain the LD175, and later informed me of the same for the LD300.

Re: Reason for LD 175 and 300 being discontinued
by jamodiet on 2011-02-13 06:51:39.6780

I was told the same. I was trying to get a HD750 and 2 stores said they are no longer being carried. I asked questions about it at talkbass in the line 6 forum and the line6 reps are a no show there and it is a sponsor forum. I got one thru guitercenter/musiciansfriend I hope I didn't make a mistake as I can not get an answer on a pedalboard for it. Seems like support online is dwindling.

Re: Reason for LD 175 and 300 being discontinued
by MrBill06 on 2011-02-13 10:48:47.7070

Thanks Jamodiet.  Though I haven't gotten a response from Line 6 on this, I have just gotten confirmation from another online distributor (Woodwind and Brass Wind).  They sale traditional band instruments (trumpet, sax, etc) but also sale guitar and bass instruments and accessories.  The LD 300 comes up as out of stock.  Called and customer service rep states the manufacturer states the items is being discontinued.  I was going to step up and get a LD 400 but with the lack of support that many of the bloggers are expressing (no response on questions when amp isn't working), I am take my chances with another manufacturer.  Service after the sale is very important to me .... signing off !

RE: Reason for LD 175 and 300 being discontinued
by darealagentp on 2011-02-16 11:59:42.1500

The LowDown 175 and 300 amplifiers are no longer in production. At this point, the only remaining units would be those in store stock that were purchased prior to the units being discontinued.

The website product page needs to be updated; that is something has already been alerted to our webmaster... sorry about the confusion regarding that end.

Best of luck in finding a bass amplification system that will suit your needs. There are plenty of great bass amp manufacturers putting out amazing systems in 2011.



Re: RE: Reason for LD 175 and 300 being discontinued
by MrBill06 on 2011-02-17 10:54:01.5330

Thanks Line6Perry for your reply.  I may still take a chance on the LD300 (orignally planning to purchase the LD175).  Both are still available through 1 online retailers.

Just wanted to ensure that my second major bass investiment (this amp) was a good one.  Would you recommend getting the LD400 instead of the LD300?

Re: RE: Reason for LD 175 and 300 being discontinued
by MrBill06 on 2011-02-21 09:11:00.7750


I just wanted to let you know that I just placed my order for one of the few last LD300s that was available through an online retailer (BestBuy if you can believe it).  Glad I went on and did it this morning because I just went online and looked and the item is no longer available instores or online.  Waiting for mine to be delivered (got my order confirmed).

Though I had many questions about the LD 175 (which I originally planned to purchase), I kept only getting feedback on the LD300 which everyone seemed happy with (except some online comments).  In any case I belived I have found an amp that will fit my needs and I will be happy with.

Regards, Mr.Bill06

Re: RE: Reason for LD 175 and 300 being discontinued
by MrBill06 on 2011-02-26 08:51:06.1980

Foiled again Batman! This will probably be my last blog on this site.  I replied earlier stating I had a LD300 in my future.  Actually placed order online on President's Day.  Had confirmation from vendor (Best Buy) and everything.  But noticed status never changed after two days.  On the third day I received a notice saying me order was cancelled.  After probing I found out that there demain exceeded there supply and they Online system lagged, allowing me to place order and manufacturer couldn't fulfill future stock.  I purchased something else instead and am not really happy with it (lack of features, power, and modeling).  So back to the drawing board!

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