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(Repost) JTV-59 with a Ghost LB63 Floyd
by tightropetom on 2011-02-13 10:20:00.4940

I've reposted this to start a discussion (inadvertently marked the last one as a question)

Here'swhere I'm at. The only one of the new Variaxes that I like the look of is the JTV-59, but for some reason they don't offer a Floyd Rose-type option. The other models are f-ugly in my opinion and I can't imagine myself with one around my neck. The JTV-69 is just odd looking and the Tyler headstocks are not the nicest looking either.


What I would like to do, is to maybe install a ghost system (floyd rose type) into a JTV-59.

How does that work with the anatomy of the guitar? Is it likely to be possible to drill space for a floyd rose system (I'd be sending it to a luthier to do it for me) or is there a circuit board running through the back of the guitar in that area, preventing such routing/drilling? I can't see myself buying the hardtail version, I like the look, but not a fan.

I'm not too bothered about warranty issues at this stage, just thinking outside the box. If not an option I'd probably be considering transplanting...

Below is the reply from Line6Perry

>None of us here in Support have the sort of design knowledge to provide you a definite answer.


>  My guess is that it "could" be possible, but obviously some routing and component accomodation might be in order. We've never answered questions about

> modifications from the Support team because they're not really considered as supported actions.


> As a musician, it would seem possible because the JTV69's come with the option of a vibrato system. It might be easier to find a used Variax 300/500/700 on eBay

> and transplant the electronics into a favorite host guitar of your choice with whatever hardware configuration.


>  Sorry that we can't really offer you a whole lot here. Modification to a stock guitar isn't a part of product support... hope you can understand that perspective.


>  Regards,

>  L6Perry


>  P.S. Feel free to post this inquiry again, but don't mark it as a "question". That way, you can keep the conversation open with other JTV users.

Sorry for the repost- I inadvertently marked it as a question, so once it was "answered" it closed...

I have reposted in order to see what users of the Tyler Variax think.

Have any of you got any photos of the innards of the guitar?

More up-close shots?

I really like the JTV-59 but want to put a trem on it :-)

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