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JTV-69 Set up
by Redvax1 on 2011-02-13 17:55:07.7920

I recently bought a JTV-69 from Musicians friend that I am in need of setup assistance.  The low E, A, and D strings buzzed heavily right out of the box - I noticed it on the E string from third fret all the way up - same with the A but not quite as bad.  The D was buzzing on the lower frets - especially is you picked it hard.

So I have had to adjust the string saddles up quite a bit to get it stopped.  Now the strings height at the 12th fret is well over 3/16" - Something is wrong with this guitar!

As I played with all this, I came to notice that the High E and B strings sound like they are "just" touching at the first fret - there is a metallic ring to them when you pick and they don't seem to sustain like they should.  I started adjusting the saddles for these also and got the point where they were so high that the guitar was unplayable because of the variance in string height....and the metallic ring is still there.  Yet if I just apply a little pressure to the string behind the nut, the metallic sound disappears and the string rings true like I think it should. 

I am not a techie, but I own enough guitars to know this guitar is not up to the standards it should be.  My Variax 600's and even my 300 came better setup than this one without any adjustments.   Any suggestions as to what the real problem is and how I get it corrected, or should I just return it?

Re: JTV-69 Set up
by ozbadman on 2011-02-14 23:45:42.1770


I had similar problems with my JTV-59. I have had to send mine in for repair of the switch, but I am also expecting them to look at the setup. It sounds like at the very least, your truss rod is too tight, hence the need to raise the bridge saddle. I would ring Line 6 support and ask them their advice. You could also try ringing Musicians Friend and ask their advice. In either case, you should send this either to Line 6 or Musicians Friend and get them to check the setup. It definitely sounds like it's not set up correctly so the question really becomes who will set it up properly more quickly for you: Line 6 or Musicians Friend.

Good Luck.


Re: JTV-69 Set up
by edstar1960 on 2011-02-15 02:34:12.4870

+1  ozbadman

I would also recommend you send it back and get it set up properly.  Hope it gets sorted for you.

Re: JTV-69 Set up
by gtrman100 on 2011-02-15 08:17:12.7580

Most setups change when guitars are shipped- changes in temperature, handling, etc. I would spend the $50-60 to take your guitar to a luthier that you trust and have him set it up the way you like. It's a personal thing, some people like really low action, some like more neck relief, etc. If you send it back, you'll get a generic setup, and it has to be shipped back to you which could put you back to square 1. BTW, I'm fortunate, my JTV69 just needed a slight truss rod tweak to play the way I like it.

Re: JTV-69 Set up
by BBarker on 2011-02-15 09:49:16.4090

Here is a link with information about how to setup a guitar.


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