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Paris, France - Where can i try JTV's?
by metalkrapo on 2011-02-16 02:56:54.9240

So Line 6 is shipping JTV's to Europe, great news! I want one, I will buy one. I'm just not sure which one yet, and I heard there were so many preorders that most shippings will not see the shelves of the stores and go directly to the customers. I would like to try the different models to know which one feels better for me, which one matches my playing better. Where can I find James Tyler Variax's available to try in or near Paris, France?


Re: Paris, France - Where can i try JTV's?
by Rowbi on 2011-02-16 03:01:19.0970

line 6 will know where it's shipping the guitars to, but it wont know how many of those are for the store or for existing pre-orders.

from what I've heard, I wouldn't expect to see one sitting on a rack in a store for at least a few months, as it sounds like the first coupld of batches are totally sold out.

my advice would be to call your local stores and ask them if they have any store stock coming in, and when.  they will have had info from L6 and know the score.

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