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HD 500 + DT50 some presets have no sound
by valdjiu on 2011-02-16 13:54:18.6550


i have HD 500 and 2 DT 50 for stereo.

i use the d6link conection with mic cable.

the presets that are just fx with no pre amp dont have sound at all.

( couldnt find a post about this..)

also it amazing the noise that the amp does when it switch presets. my good.

imagine on a live gig....

i am so sad , bacause the sound i really good! really really good!

will this be fixed? hope so..cause i have 2 DT 50....

also the hd 500 as the same problem when changing presets.

will this be fixed.

thank you so much.

greatings from portugal!


Re: HD 500 + DT50 some presets have no sound
by gtrman100 on 2011-02-16 14:26:09.3290

When you select "No Amp", you're bypassing the HD500 and engaging the DT50 channel B preamp. So if the volume controls on the DT50 channel B are down, you won't hear anything! You can select the Topology, Class and Pentode/Triode on the amp itself to set it up they way you'd like.

As far as the "burst" of noise that happens when you switch presets, this is a bug that has been noted by Line 6, Hopefully it will be fixed with a software update soon. It is worst when you have the volume pedal less than 100%. If it's a problem for you keep your volume pedal up all the way when building your presets.

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