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How to add Pod Farm 2 effects to a dry signal?
by M80231 on 2011-02-19 12:20:49.2220


Im pretty exhausted to look for the answers from the net after all the searching, so ill just ask here. So i have already discovered how to record separate dry and wet signals to my recording program(Live 7.0.10, Reaper, ect.)mainly im using Adobe Audition 3.0. Could someone tell me precisely how can i apply my Pod Farm 2 tone setups to my previously recorded dry signal?

Any advices or answers are highly appreciated, thanks.

Re: How to add Pod Farm 2 effects to a dry signal?
by jaycon11 on 2011-02-22 08:04:59.7910

hi.  in audition (a session track, mind you), with the "main" tab in the forefront, click on the "fx" butting at the top of the tab. 

expand the track witdth size where the wav file is displayed and you'll see the fx window emerge on the left (in the box where the mute, solo, and record buttons are located).

in the fx window, right next to "fx", there is a button with a circle broken by a vertical straight line.  click on this to activate the effects.  in the window immediately below it, click the arrow.  this will show all effects options.  pod farm should be listed inder "vst".  once pod farm engages, there will be a window at the top to choose pre-set sounds (you can manipulate this to choose settings you've created, once you know what folders you can access from here).

hope this helps.


- j

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