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QUESTION: Problems with "Activate Features" & USB Firmware update
by jeffelbel on 2011-02-20 00:06:47.0400

Hi, All. I have two issues with my PODxt Pro, marked below as Thing A and Thing B. Any help or clues are appreciated!

Thing A:

Monkey is not updating my USB Firmware from 1.05 to 1.14. Steps I've taken:

I unplug all other USB devices except for my keyboard and mouse.

I select USB Firmware under the Update tab.

I accept the Software License Agreement.

I click the Yes button to proceed.

I switch my PODxt Pro off and on as directed.

I receive a message saying "PODxt Pro update successful."

My USB Firmware remains _unchanged_ at version 1.05

Thing B:

Monkey has me caught in a loop, saying I need to Activate Features.

1) First, I see the message below. I follow the instructions.

"IMPORTANT: Press the Activate Features button in the Optional Add-Ons tab now."

- - - -

2) Then, I receive the two messages below (marked as 2A and 2B).


Warning: The transaction verification failed.

If the model packs don't appear to be installed, click the 'Activate' button again, type the word 'refresh', and click OK.

If this problem persists, click the Support button.

You will not need to purchase another License Key to fix this problem.

- - - -


IMPORTANT: Your hardware has not yet been activated to allow all the features you purchased.

Close this message, then click the Activate Features button in Monkey's Optional Add-Ons tab to complete activation.

- - - -

Best wishes,


Re: QUESTION: Problems with "Activate Features" & USB Firmware update
by mtjanderson on 2011-03-30 01:54:37.6130

I have the same problems with my PODxt, and it seems many others on these forums do as well.  I really hope there is a solution, if for no other reason than that it will vindicate the hours I have already sunk into trying to figure this out.

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